Welcome to the Museum of Canadian Music. Bienvenue au Musée de la Musique Canadienne.

This is Canada's first and only museum of music containing rare Canadian vinyl records not found anywhere else. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this site has the most comprehensive catalogue of more than 100 years of Canadian sound recordings, found on over 100,000 different web pages. The endeavour is not sponsored by or affiliated with any government or corporation.

Welcome Patrick Michalishyn and his new label 'Sounds Escaping' with re-issues of killer prarie punkers Personality Crisis and Stretch Marks! Please support this new Canadian label and buy their music.

CALGARY, ALBERTA: Remembering Paul Hepher who's alleged killer has finally been caught. Paul wrote 'Roll Me a Dream'. RIP.

VANCOUVER, CANADA: REISSUE ALERT This (and last) year's most requested single via email is Garry Garnette's 'Have You Heard The News' on the tiny late 60's early 70's North Vancouver Capilano Records label.