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This is Canada's first National Museum specifically relating to music and other sound recordings by Canadian artists. The purpose of the website is to collect, research, preserve, re-patriate, protect and promote Canadian music and culture. As well as an encyclopedia and listening post for Canadian music of all genres and decades, the Museum provides artists and Canadian record labels with a free venue to promote, market and help to sell their music. Sound files are posted to enhance the experience of the visitor by exposing him or her to our expansive and rich Canadian culture. 

All work on this site is 100% volunteer, does not, and is intended to not earn a profit. This website will not sell advertising. Memberships are free. Members can create and share playlists.

The Museum of Canadian Music contains the largest private collection of Canadian music artifacts anywhere in the world. The physical collection includes approximately 90,000 items comprised of 33.3 LP's, CD's, 45 rpm singles, 78 rpm vinyl, 16" recordings, acetates, sheet music (specifically patriotic, war related, Canadiana, hockey, etc), books, magazines, posters, and general music Paraphernalia. This collection is likely the top four or five largest collections of Canadian music artifacts in existence, comparing the Canadian government and CBC archives (recently reduced/ dissolved). However, and importantly, much of this collection contains the rarest psychedelic, garage, punk and other rock related recordings, which likely is not present in other, larger government collections. Additionally, this collection contains near mint items that are unmarked and not mutilated. Much of the collection has been handpicked. Importantly, the Canadian government collections do contain thousands of items not included in this private collection.

Canadian artists are encouraged and welcome to have their music posted on this website. For our address, go to the 'About Us' - 'Contact Info' tabs. You can also send your digital music. Please contact ryder@robertwilliston.com.

If you are the owner of a sound recording that has been posted on this website and you do not want your music to be heard here, kindly contact me and I will remove it.

 The Museum of Canadian Music was started in 2005. The Museum of Canadian Music Trade mark was applied for in 2007 and The Entity was Trade Marked in February, 2009. 

The website went live on July 1, 2010. 


Please support Canadian music and buy music from the artist's or their distributors. I attempt to put links to the Artists site on each album page.

We do not sell any digital media or allow downloads. Sound files are made available to be heard through the Fair Dealing provision in the Canadian Copyright Act. Examples of usages include reviews, news reporting, research, and education.

Artists and Members:

There are approximately 850 artists and bands that have agreed to share their music and stories on this website.

There are now more than 2,850 members.

Enjoy your visit and thank-you for supporting music from Canada.

-Robert Williston