Jackal awake 789789534


Jackal - Awake

Format: LP
Label: Periwinkle PER 7309
Year: 1971
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: rock, psych, prog
Value of Original Title: $650.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Side 1

Track Name
At the Station
For You
Sunny Side of the Day
A New Day Has Arisen

Side 2

Track Name
How Time Has Flown
Lost in the World
In the Heavens



Jackal - Awake


Jackal - Awake

Jackal awake 789789534



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Early Canadian psych prog band that released this really groovy album. Drawing inspiration from, amongst others, Deep Purple, this Toronto-based quartet incorporates dazzling fuzz guitar and roaring organ interplay reminiscent of Blackmore and Lord at their heaviest with teen Jaggeresque vocals. The album is a superb advertisement for this musical genre with every track a winner. The Kellesis brothers, Chris and James, wrote most of the material and man does this album rock.

Chris Kellesis: organ
James Kellesis: drums
Dave Bernard: guitar
Charlie Shannon: vocals


King Jones

This album is awesome. The guitarist and his son are good friends of mine. Always down to hear some of their good classics.