Nick ayoub the montreal scene


Ayoub, Nick Quintet - The Montreal Scene

Format: LP
Label: RCA Victor PC 1042
Year: 1964
Origin: Trois-Rivières, Québec
Genre: jazz
Value of Original Title: $400.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Jazz, Quebec, Rarest Canadian Music, 1960's, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Side 1

Track Name
Report from Cairo
Two and
Blues for McHugh

Side 2

Track Name
Ya Habibi
Bib and I
Montreal West
Montreal East



Ayoub, Nick Quintet - The Montreal Scene

Nick ayoub the montreal scene

The Montreal Scene


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Ayoub began his professional career in 1943, soon playing tenor saxophone in the dance or jazz bands of Johnny Holmes, Maynard Ferguson, the saxophonist Freddie Nichols, and the trombonist Jiro 'Butch' Watanabe. Though a leading studio musician in Montreal by the early 1950s, and occasionally an oboist (and less frequently a saxophonist) with the MSO, he remained active in jazz. An Ayoub quintet performed at the 1963 Montreal Jazz Festival and other Ayoub bands (usually with trumpeter Alan Penfold and pianist Art Roberts) appeared in Montreal clubs, in concert and on various CBC radio jazz programs through the 1970s. His jazz work was more sporadic thereafter - eg, at the 1988 FIJM with Skip Bey (bass) and Nelson Symonds (guitar).

Ayoub began teaching saxophone and directing the jazz ensemble at the CMM in 1968; he also taught 1974-8 at the JMC Orford Art Centre. His pupils included Yves Charuest, Michel Ethier, Martin Fournier, Daniel Gauthier, Jean-Noël Letennier, Guy McDougall, André Pelchat, Yannick Rieu, and François Théberge. Ayoub's son Jimmy (b Montreal 18 Aug 1953) has played drums for Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, and Michel Pagliaro.


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