Souls of inspyration st front


Souls of Inspyration - ST

Format: LP
Label: Columbia ES 90061
Year: 1970
Origin: Red Lake, Ontario
Genre: psych
Value of Original Title: $750.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
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Side 1

Track Name
Sun Shines in the Winter
Dil Kusha (Heart's Happiness)

Side 2

Track Name
Of Lambs & Wolves
Eyes of Nature
Seasons of Change



Souls of Inspyration - ST

Souls of inspyration st front



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... a good psyche/pop band. 'Pursuit' (which was also issued as a single) is a perfect example of the keyboard-driven style which makes up the album, with the following 'Strangers' also including a good fuzz-guitar solo, although for the most part the organ is the lead instrument. 'Sun Shines In Winter' is an atmospheric piece with some nice harmonies, while 'Dil Kusha' and 'Of Lambs And Wolves' deliver some great progressive keyboards over a couple of extended tracks. 'Eyes Of Nature' is a harmony-laden track in the style of CSN, while the closing 'Seasons Of Change' is an up-tempo song featuring some nice syncopated drumming and ends the album on a high. With original copies being very scarce it is good that it has finally appeared on CD with the addition of a bonus track, and is a recommended purchase.

John Maciejewski: lead guitar & lead vocals
Raymond Cloutier: Hammond organ, piano, background vocals
Mark Paradis: drums, background vocals
Don Wilson: bass


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