Howard cable portrait squared

Cable, Howard Orchestra

Origin: Toronto, Ontario

Howard Cable was born in 1920 – an era when people still travelled in horse and buggy, refrigerators ran on blocks of ice, there was cream floating on top of milk, and the Great Depression had not yet happened.

He grew up in the time of the Great Gatsby – the wonderful jazz era! In those magnificent days of music, everything was live, and a young man could dream of being in a band — or in his case, leading one!

The career that followed saw Howard conduct everything from Big Band to Broadway orchestra; from radio to television, to outdoor extravaganza. He had the privilege of working with Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Stan Getz, Bob Hope, Danny Kay, Victor Borge, Peggy Lee, and many other celebrated artists.

With a career spanning over seven decades (one of the longest in entertainment history), Howard has witnessed some extraordinary events, and has seen performers at their best, their worst, and everything in between. With a razor sharp memory (and wit to match), he recalls these events in vivid detail.

When blog writer Lori Fox Rossi began hearing these behind-the-scenes accounts, she felt compelled to write them down so they would not be lost. She convinced Howard to join her in creating this blog, in order to reach a wider audience and satisfy increasing demand.

The blog will eventually cover a time period from 1937 to the present, with new stories uploaded regularly. Some entries will be fascinating; others, funny. Some will even be a little salacious. There is a book in the works as well.

The one thing YOU can do to help is — follow the blog and tell others about it. This will let the authors know you are enjoying their efforts.

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Howard cable portrait squared

Cable, Howard Orchestra


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