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Bryden, Bob

Origin: Ottawa - Oshawa - Burlington, Ontario, 🇨🇦

Bob Bryden - 2023 Bio

Canadian music veteran, Bob Bryden (‘Reign Ghost’, ‘Christmas’) has two new releases coming in 2023. One is a 5 song electric EP entitled ‘Transcendental Misinformation’ and the other is a full double album called ‘No Song Left Behind - The Acoustic Album’. The former release features Bob once again working with Long Day Journey (AKA Rory Quinn) and Katie Iarocci. Bryden has been partnering with psychedelic musican Rory Quinn (who named his band after Bryden’s Reign Ghost song, ‘Long Day Journey’), the two released their first album together, ‘Abandoned Songs and Living Room Jams’ in 2018. In 2021 Bob and Rory have returned with a second offering - a double album entitled, ‘Love in the Atomic Age’. That album is psychedelic in every respect. From beginning to end there are constant surprises as styles and tonalities shift constantly with eccentric abandon.

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, but raised in Oshawa, Bob Bryden has had a multi-layered professional and artistic life. As a child he became fascinated with music through the medium of film. In the 1960’s he began to compose, play and perform in various pop groups. His first album of original music, Reign Ghost, was released in 1968. Many of Bob’s subsequent record release go for exorbitant prices on the collector’s market. He recorded 5 albums with the band, Christmas.

When that band dissolved in 1975, Bob set out with guitar in hand and travelled the length and breadth of Canada. Returning to Oshawa, Bob spent several years pursuing a career as an actor. Then after living in Toronto for two years, Bob was given the assignment of taking over the reins of Star Records store in Hamilton, Ontario.

Arriving in Hamilton in July of 1978, Bob quickly formed a record label and signed The Forgotten Rebels. Bryden produced The Rebels’ first EP, their two subsequent albums and one single. Bryden also produced Oshawa’s Durango 95 first Lp, ‘Lose Control’. A a pioneer of the ‘indie’ bug, Bob also soon recorded his first solo album, ‘See This Brick’; a notorious single with the band Benzene Jag and 2 albums with Age of Mirrors. Bob has ever stopped producing music and his total number of original music albums has now reached 21 with 4 solo albums including ‘Polaroid Verite’ and ‘Yorkville Days’. Most of which are available at

In 2020 Bob was honoured was indicted into the Oshawa music hall of fame with a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to musical culture in the Durham, Ontario region with his bands Reign Ghost, Christmas and the spirit of christmas.
Partial Discography and Career Highlights:

1968: First Reign Ghost album released (Allied Records label)
1969: Second Reign Ghost album released (Paragon label)
1970: First Christmas album released (Paragon Label); Christmas album, ‘Heritage’, released (Daffodil label)
1971: Performed legendary concert at Massey Hall (later released on vinyl and CD)
1972-1974: Director of the Street Choir for ‘Project Love’, Oshawa
1975: The Spirit Christmas album, ‘Lies To Live By’ released (Daffodil label)
1976: Begins tenure with Oshawa Little Theatre and studies theatre arts at York University and George Brown College
1978: Manager at Star Records, Hamilton, Ontario - forms record label, produces Forgotten Rebels’ EP, ‘Tomorrow Belongs To Us’
1979: Producer - Forgotten Rebels’ LP, ‘In Love with the System’
1981: Releases first solo Lp, ‘See This Brick’; forms band Benzene Jag
1982: Producer - Forgotten Rebels’ Lp, ‘This Ain’t Hollywood’
1983: Benzene Jag releases single, ‘Fuck Off 1984’ on Star Records; Benzene Jag records ‘Catch A Yes Horse’ EP; Producer - Durango 95 Lp, ‘Lose Control’
1985: Forms band Age of Mirrors’; releases first Age of Mirrors Lp, ‘Mirage’; performs and records under pseudonym Simon De Beaupre
1987: Releases 2nd Age of Mirrors 2nd Lp, ‘Screenplay’; releases ‘In One Spirit’ gospel album with Belma Vardy
1990: Releases Christmas ‘Live at Massey Hall’ Lp (Zap label)
1991: Releases 2nd solo Lp, ‘Theatre Like This’
1992-1996: CD reissues of Reign Ghost, Christmas albums
1994-2003: ‘Worship’ leader at Lionheart Christian Centre in Burlington, Ontario; releases Gospel compilation CD; releases CD single ‘Dreaming of Merciful World’.
2004: ‘Comeback’ Tour - ’50 Norwegians Can’t Be Wrong’
2005: Releases limited edition CD single, ‘Last Christmas In Retail’
2007: Releases 3rd solo Lp, ‘Polaroid Verite’; plays ‘live’ extensively’
2010: Daffodil releases, ‘Daffodil On Vinyl’ compilation featuring Christmas
2014: Releases 4th solo Lp, ‘Yorkville Days’
2018: Releases ‘Abandoned Songs & Living Room’ jams Lp with Long Day Journey
2021: Releases ‘Love in the Atomic Age’ double Lp and CD with Long Day Journey
2023: Releases ‘Transcendental Misinformation EP’ - 5 song electric EP featuring ‘The Ballad of Star Records (in conjunction with the regular ‘electric’ EP, an ‘unplugged mix will be made available online only)
2023: Releases ‘No Song Left Behind - The Acoustic Album’ - a double CD of 35 songs performed solo acoustic

Bob Bryden – COMPLETE Discography (material written, played and/or sung by B.B.)

Vinyl Lp’s:

1966: R.S. McLaughlin Collegiate ‘Symphonic Band’ Lp. Bob Bryden plays percussion.
1968: Reign Ghost (Allied Label - Canada)
1969: Reign Ghost Featuring Lynda Squires (Paragon Label - Canada)
1970: Christmas (Paragon)
1970: ‘Heritage’ by Christmas (Capitol Records, Canada also Festival Label, Australia)
1971: ‘Live at Massey Hall’ by Christmas (Remember The Alamo Label - Canada)
1971: ‘Proven Blooms’ (Daffodil Sampler with 2 Christmas tracks – Canada)
1974: ‘Lies to Live By’ by the Spirit of Christmas (A&M Records)
1975: ‘Naturally’ (Daffodil Sampler with 1 Christmas track – Canada)
1981: ‘See This Brick’ by Bob Bryden (L.A. Label - Canada)
1985: ‘Mirage’ by Age of Mirrors ( Bob AKA Simon De Beaupre – A Major Record Label - Canada)
1987: ‘Screenplay’ by Age of Mirrors (Bob AKA Simon De Beaupre – A Major Record Label)
2004: ‘Reign Ghost’ by Reign Ghost (Reissued by the Akarma Label, Italy)
2006: ‘Heritage’ by Christmas (Reissued by Akarma, Italy)
2010: ‘Round’ by Christopher Clause (Bryden sings on 3 tracks)
2014: ‘Reign Ghost’ (Remastered) (Authorized release - Outsider Music, Spain)
2014: ‘Reign Ghost Featuring Lynda Squires’ (Remastered) (Authorized release - Outsider Music, Spain)
2021: ‘Love in the Atomic Age’ by Bob Bryden with Long Day Journey featuring Katie Iarocci (L.A. Records)

Vinyl 45’s:

1969: ‘Pudsy’s Parable’ by Reign Ghost (Paragon)
1970: ‘Don’t Give It Away’ by Christmas (Capitol Records)
1971: ‘Point Blank’ by Christmas (Capitol Records)
1971: ‘I’m A Song, Sing Me’ by Christmas (Capitol Records)
1974: ‘Graveyard Face’ by The Spirit of Christmas (A&M Records)
1983: ‘Fuck Off 1984’ by Benzene Jag (Star Records Label - Canada)
1984: ‘Catch a Yes Horse’ by Benzene Jag (Star Records – unreleased)


1986: ‘In One Spirit’ by Belma and Bob (L.A.)
1987: ‘Ditties For Kiddies’ by Bob Bryden (Limited edtion - Children’s Gospel EP)
1990: ‘Live at Massey Hall’ with extras – by Christmas (RTA Label)
1991: ‘Theatre Like This’ by Bob Bryden (L.A.)


1990: ‘Reign Ghost’ (Laser’s Edge Label, New Jersey - both Lp’s)
1991: ‘Heritage’ by Christmas (Laser’s Edge)
1991: ‘Lies to Live By’ by The Spirit of Christmas (Laser’s Edge)
1996: ‘Heritage’ by Christmas (Unidisc Label - Canada)
1996: ‘Lies to Live By’ by The Spirit of Christmas (Unidisc - Canada)
1996: ‘Live at Massey Hall’ by Christmas (Unidisc - Canada)
2001: ‘Christmas’ (The 1st Lp on Paragon) (Pacemaker Label - Canada)
2003: ‘Dreaming of a Merciful World’ (single) – The Lionheart Band (L.A.)
2004: ‘Eyes To Zion’ (compilation) – Bob Bryden plus other artists
2004: ‘Reign Ghost’ (1st Lp – Akarma – Reissue)
2004: ’50 Norwegians Can’t Be Wrong-Bob Bryden’s Greatest Hits’ (Marketing Man’s Nightmare Productions)
2005: ‘Last Christmas in Retail’ – Bob Bryden – Limited Edition Advance Promo
2006: ‘Reign Ghost featuring Lynda Squires’ (2nd Lp – Akarma – Reissue)
2007: Clash City Rockers – Joe Strummer Tribute (Limited Edition)
2007: ‘Polaroid Verite’ – Bob Bryden (L.A.)
2010: ‘Round’ - Christopher Clause - Bob Bryden sings on 3 tracks
2010: ‘Love is Everything’ (compilation) - Bob Bryden plus other artists
2010: ‘Daffodil On Vinyl’ - Limited edition featuring Christmas and other artists
2014: ‘Yorkville Days’ - Bob Bryden (L.A.)
2018: ‘Abandoned Songs & Living Room Jams’ - Bob Bryden with Long Day Journey (L.A.)
2021: ‘Love in the Atomic Age - Abandoned Songs & Bob’s Basement, Katie’s Deck & Rory’s Living Room Jams Vol. 2’ - double album and CD
2023: ‘Transcendental Misinformation EP’
2023: ‘No Song Left Behind - The Acoustic Album’


2008: ‘Bustin’ Out Tonight’ - DVD single - Bob Bryden and the Saffron Sect ‘Live’ at Sneaky Dee’s
2009: ‘Live’ at Sneaky Dee’s 2007 - The Full Concert’ Bob Bryden and The Saffron Sect
2010: ‘Mente’ (AKA ‘Psychopath) - Horror movie featuring Bob Bryden

Digital Releases:

2007: ‘Terminal Restaurant - Bob Bryden’s Greatest Hits - Volume 1’ (Itunes, etc.)
2007: ‘Dream Embers - Bob Bryden’s Greatest Hits - Volume 2’ (Itunes, etc.)
2007: ‘Polaroid Verite - Bob Bryden (Itunes, etc.)
2014: ‘Yorkville Days’ - Bob Bryden (Itunes, etc.)
2018: Reign Ghost (Remastered) (Bandcamp, Itunes, etc.)
2018: Reign Ghost featuring Lynda Squires (Remastered) (Bandcamp, Itunes, etc.)
2018: Abandoned Songs & Living Room Jams - Bob Bryden with Long Day Journey (Bandcamp, Itunes, etc.)
2018: ‘See This Brick’ (Remastered) - Bob Bryden (Bandcamp)
2018: Benzene Jag - Volume 1 - Archival Series (Bandcamp)
2018: Benzene Jag - Volume 3 - Archival Series (Bandcamp)
2018: The Poem Tree of Simon De Beaupre - Archival Series (Bandcamp)
2018: The Greatest Story Ever Told - The Gospel According to Bryden - Archival Series (Bandcamp)
2018: Songs From James Street - Archival Series (Bandcamp)
2018: ‘Mirage’ - Age of Mirrors - Itunes, Bandcamp, Spotify
2018: ‘Screenplay’ - Age of Mirrors - Itunes, Bandcamp, Spotify
2018: The Displaced Years - Archival Series (Bandcamp)
2018: ‘Theatre Like This’ - Itunes, Bancamp, Spotify
2018: Christmas Live at Massey Hall - The Bob Mix (Bandcamp)
2018: ‘In One Spirit’ - Belma and Bob - Archival Series (Bandcamp)
2023: ‘Transcendental Misinformation EP’ - Itunes, Bandcamp, Spotify
2023: ‘No Song Left Behind - The Acoustic Album’ - Itunes, Bandcamp, Spotify
2023: ‘Transcendental Misinformation EP’ UNPLUGGED Mix - Itunes, Bandcamp, Spotify


1969: Reign Ghost - Filmed ‘Live’ at St. Gertrude’s Parish Hall, Simcoe Street, Oshawa by the Till Brothers
1984: ‘Catch a Yes Horse’ - Benzene Jag - Music video made for and by Mohawk College A/V Department
1987: ‘Songs From James Street’ - Bob Bryden - Music performance filmed by Sheridan College

Videos made for Youtube - Channel Reign Ghost:

June 2012: ‘Never Again’ (First Version)
July 2012: ’Seven Arrows (First Version)
July 2012: ‘The Song of All Space’
July 2012: ‘Fuck Off 1984’
August 2012: ‘Catch a Yes Horse’ (First Version - In Support of Pussy Riot)
December 2012: ‘Children of Crisis’ (First Version)
December 2012: ‘Cowboys Are Guys You Can Trust’
December 2012: ‘The Partisan Rock
December 2012: ‘Last Christmas In Retail’
December 2012: ‘Eleanor Dusa’
December 2012: ‘Manufactured Crisis’ (demo)
December 2012: ‘Following the Star’
January 2013: ‘Einstein Shoulda Gone Fishin’ Instead’
January 2013: ‘Russia’s Just Another Word For Country’
January 2013: ‘Do the Bop
February 2013: ‘Terminal Restaurant’
February 2013: ‘Heavy Water’
February 2013: ‘Dreaming of a Merciful World’
February 2013: ‘Waving From the Ark’
February 2013: ‘Everybody Sit Down’
February 2013: ‘Living In This Century’
March 2013: ‘The Day That John Wayne Died’
March 2013: ‘Everything Looks the Same’
March 2013: ‘Set a Guard’
April 2013: ‘Wave About Her’
April 2013: ‘Saturday Night In No Man’s Land’
April 2013 ‘Occult Man’
May 2013: ‘Tower of Babble’
May 2013: ‘Still Life In Radio’
May 2013: ‘Don’t Harden Your Heart’
May 2013: ‘Winds of Hope’
May 2013: ‘Stay Dead Lazarus’ - ‘Live’ with the Saffron Sect
June 2013: ‘I’m Looking Forward To You’
June 2013: ‘Violent Soul’
June 2013: ‘Talk of the Crowd’
June 2013: ‘Racing For Tomorrow’
October 2013: ‘She Cracks Me Up’
December 2013: ‘Christmas Is Dead’
December 2013: ‘The Seasons Will Not Change’
January 2014: ‘Love Recession’ (Star Records 45 version)
January 2014: ‘The Girl with the Luminous Eyes’
February 2014: ‘Something’s Gone Wrong With My Automobile’
October 2014: ‘No Reason To Hate’ (First version - for Nathan Cirillo)
December 2014: ‘Snakecharmer’ - with The Dead Beat
August 2015: ‘Don’t Shoot the Horses’ (First version)
August 2015: ‘Don’t Shoot the Horses’ (Second version)
August 2015: ‘Leopard Skin Cadillac’
September 2015: ‘Mona Lisa with the Dishpan Hands’
September 2015: ‘Yorkville Days’
September 2015 ‘Bustin’ Out Tonight’ - with The Saffron Sect
September 2015: ‘Cowboy Say Your Prayers’
September 2015: ‘Theatre Like This’
October 2015: ‘Vigilance’
October 2015: ‘Who Are They Shooting At Now?’
November 2015: ‘Travels of Blue Paradox’
December 2015: ‘Curio Shop’
December 2015: ‘Orphan Town’
December 2015: ‘To Find the Light’
February 2016: ‘No Reason To Hate’ (Second version)
April 2016: ‘Never Again’ (Second version)
July 2016: ‘Catch a Yes Horse’ (Second version)
Julu 2016: ‘Every Human Needs a Friend and a Car That Works’
July 2016: ‘(One Way Ticket) to the Mardi Gras’
July 2016: ‘The Contender’
July 2016: ‘Humphrey Bogart’s Ghost Is Following Me’
July 2016: ‘Kyrie Eleison’
July 2016: ‘Eyes Knows, So Does Ears’
July 2016: ‘Solar Nice’
July 2016: ‘Field of Honour’
September 2016: ‘Feels Like Far’
September 2016: ‘Seven Arrows (Second version with revised lyrics)
December 2016: ‘Christmas Once Again’
March 2017: ‘Welcome Back to the Human Race’
April 2017: ‘Angel of Love’
April 2017: ‘(Fly On) Flaming Arrow’
April 2017: ‘Standing Room Only, Mr. Mars’
April 2017: ‘Fire Away Now’
April 2017: ‘Jungle Fabulous’
May 2017: ‘Ever Since the Bomb Went Off’
May 2017: ‘Somewhere In Arabia’
May 2017: ‘Faith in the First Degree’
August 2017: ‘Children of Crisis’ (Second version - remastered)
November 2017: ‘People Still Love Christmas Everywhere’
December 2017: ‘The Ballad of Star Records’ (‘Live’)
February 2018: ‘Rhythm of the Dark Master’
July 2020: ‘The Records’ - A short film by Christian Hamilton featuring ‘Heritage’
Dec. 2020: ‘The Song of Simeon’ - with Christopher Clause
May 2021: ‘Love in the Atomic Age’
June 2021: ‘We Can’t Ask Alice’
July 2021: ‘It’s Your Festival’ - The Atomic Age Band ‘Live’
July 2021: ‘Flower Balm’
August 2021: ‘Destroyer of Worlds Pt. 3 - The Song of Atomicus’
Sept. 2021: ‘Russia’s Just Another Word For Country’

Bob Bryden…As Producer:

1978: 45 Rpm Ep: Tomorrow Belongs To Us by the Forgotten Rebels –
S & M Records SM 002
1979: 33 1/3 Lp: In Love with the System by the Forgotten Rebels – Star
Records SR 1846
1982: 33 1/3 Lp: This Ain’t Hollywood by the Forgotten Rebels – Star
Records SR 002
1983: 45 rpm: Rona Barrett (Remix) by the Forgotten Rebels – Star Records
SRS 001
1983: 33 1/3 Lp: Hornet’s Nest by Jimi Hendrix – Nardem Records 001
(Compilation of previously released archival Hendrix tapes prepared for release by Bryden for Records on Wheels organization, Toronto.)
1983: 33 1/3 Lp: Lose Control by Durango 95 – Star Records SR 003



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