Theatre squared for mocm


Bryden, Bob - Theatre Like This

Format: cassette
Label: Limited Availability LA2
Year: 1991
Origin: Ottawa - Oshawa - Burlington, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, pop
Value of Original Title: $15.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Ontario, Rock Room, Bob Bryden, 1990's


Side 1

Track Name
Who Are They Shooting At Now?
The Girl With the Luminious Eyes?
The Partisan Rock
Theater Like This
Einstein Shoulda Gone Fishin' Instead

Side 2

Track Name
I'm Looking Forward To You
Saturday Night in No Man's Land
Eleanor Dusa
More Every Day
Set a Guard


Theatre squared for mocm

Theatre Like This


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In 1991 I released, on cassette tape only, my second solo album. I was ably complimented by producer and arranger Michael Allen (AKA David) Guild and guitarist Michael Hampson. Two of the songs were left-overs from the very last incarnation of Benzene Jag and co-written by the guitarist from that line-up, Willie Macauley.
released June 21, 1991

Bob Bryden: acoustic guitar, vocals
Michael Hampson: electric guitar
Frank Szegedi: bass
Rick Sherk: bass
Michael Allen (David) Guild: drums

All words and music by Bob Bryden except 'Who Are They Shooting At Now?' and 'I'm Looking Forward To You' written by Bob Bryden and Willie Macauley
Produced and arranged by Michael Allen (David) Guild
Engineered by Howie Keown

Artwork by Ben Roy
Photography by Walter Peters


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