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Bryden, Bob - See This Brick

Format: LP
Label: Limited Availability LA1
Year: 1981
Origin: Ottawa - Oshawa - Burlington, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, pop
Value of Original Title: $15.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://bobbryden.bandcamp.com/album/see-this-brick-bob-bryden-1981-remastered-with-bonus-tracks
Playlist: Ontario, Rock Room, Bob Bryden, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
Racing For Tomorrow
Keep It Together
The Day That John Wayne Died
Seven Arrows

Side 2

Track Name
Occult Man
The Seasons (Will Not Change)
Winds of Hope
To Find the Light


A2028911008 10

See This Brick


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Having produced by first Indie record for the Hamilton, Ontario punk band The Forgotten Rebels - their 'In Love with the System' album (under the pseudonym 'Cowboy Bob', I got the recording bug again myself. In July of 1981 I released my first solo album comprised of songs I'd written from the late 1970's into the beginning of the 80's. The band was called The Trivia Kids and comprised: Carl Horton on piano and synthesizer; Franz Nangle on drums; Steve Loughlin on bass and Brent Snyder on guitar. David Moses plays harmonica and Bill Maracle banjo on 'John Wayne'. Moses, Linda Saslove, Gisele Theriault do backing vocals. Beth McPherson also does backing vocals as well as a lead on 'To Find the Light'. Most of the tracks here were remastered in 2007. There are also bonus tracks including three 'living room demos' ('live' to ghetto blaster) and 2 tracks recorded in Toronto at Brent Snyder's house prior to the recording of 'Brick'. (Brent recorded and performed under the pseudonyms 'Wheelbase' and 'Dwayne Gizmo'). Brent was as crazy-psychedelic as it gets. You only have to listen to our 'demo' of 'John Wayne' to hear how wacky he could get! Brent and I even did a couple of gigs including one in Ottawa opening for Nash the Slash. We went by the band name, Canoe of Bones. The album was initially going to be called 'Cowboy Bob and the Trivia Kids' (I commissioned a painting for the cover by Avery Tanner which I regret I never used). but I got very angry around this time (it was punk season) and decided to do a photo shoot and got some much harsher pictures. When the photographer asked me what the music on the album was like I told him it was protest music. He replied, 'Oh, see this brick and all that?' I said yup - and had my album title. Check out the bonus items - original press release, photo of me with our drummer Franz Nangle in 'legendary' Star Records, Hamilton, Ontario, a photo of Brent and I opening up for Nash the Slash in Ottawa and the original cover painting by Avery Tanner!!

Bob Bryden: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, recorder
Brent Snyder: guitar
Dwayne Gizmo: guitar (track B4)
David Moses: harmonica, backing vocals
Bill Maracle: banjo (track A3)
Steve Loughlin: bass
Franz Nangle: drums
Carl Horton: keyboards
Joy Beth MacPherson: vocals
Gisele Theriault: backing vocals
Linda Saslove: backing vocals

All tracks written and arranged by Bob Bryden
Produced by Bob Bryden
Engineered by Hugh Ferguson

Artwork and photography by B. Mackid and B. Miles


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