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Bryden, Bob - Polaroid Verité

Format: CD
Label: Limited Availability LA7
Year: 2007
Origin: Ottawa - Oshawa - Burlington, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, psych
Value of Original Title: $10.00
Make Inquiry/purchase: email ryder@robertwilliston.com
Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://bobbryden.bandcamp.com/album/polaroid-verite-2007-bob-bryden-with-bonus-tracks
Playlist: Ontario, Rock Room, Bob Bryden, 2000's


Track Name
Welcome Back to the Human Race
The Song of All Space
Leopard Skin Cadillac
Mona Lisa With the Dishpan Hands
Now You're Leaving
Everything's Coming Up Rosebud
Orphan Town
Say Sleep Tight to Me
Last Christmas in Retail
Feels Like Far


A0831890293 10

Polaroid Verité


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Polaroid Verite', at the time of it's release in 2007 was my first full album in 16 years - since 1991's 'Theatre Like This'. The title was a cosmic occurrence. David Guild (AKA Jones) and I were sitting at the kitchen table and talking about a recent, local Warhol exhibit. We had been talking about the exhibit which featured some of Warhol's polaroid snaps and my new album as a journeyman songwriter's collection of 'snapshots' when we both blurted out the phrase 'polaroid verite' at the exact same moment.

Bob Bryden: guitar, vocals
Lynda Squires-Davies: vocals (tracks 3, 4, 10)
Jordan Abraham: keyboards
Calvin Roy: bass
Mark Novakovic: bass
Dave Jones: backing vocals (track 7)
Neeja Prem: sitar (track 1)
Heather Harnett: backing vocals (tracks 1, 10)
Andrew J. Marranca: guitar (track 4)
Rebekah Cummings: vocals (track 10)

Words and music by Bob Bryden, except track 6 written by Ken Blair
Produced and mixed by Jordan Abraham
Mastered by Tim Branton

Photography by Kyle Weir
Artwork by Satomi Inoue


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