Buckley, T.

Websites:  http://www.tbuckley.ca/
Origin: Calgary, Alberta, 🇨🇦

T. Buckley stands quietly among a disappearing ilk of true craftsmen. Shadowed by his Western roots, his soul and voice are unmistakably genuine, and the result is a class of songsmith long revered and scarcely achieved.

After numerous accolades, releasing an EP and 3 full length albums fronting the T. Buckley Trio (2008-2018), Buckley continues to build momentum, turning towards his songwriting roots and rediscovering his solo artist ambitions over the last five years.

Buckley’s second solo album, Frame By Frame, released November 5, 2021 via Fallen Tree Records, was recorded in the winter of 2020 at the National Music Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

Frame By Frame, explains a lot of what we are all searching for as we meander through our days; wondering who’s on our side, who’s listening and who loves us. Life is a loaded question and with Buckley's sonic snapshots, as the old Faces song goes, “every picture tells a story, don’t it?”

‘Tonight, my highway companions are the stardust and the moon

Cigarette, dashboard radio, going in and out of tune

I'm running out of chances, so I gotta make this count

The things I've learned to live with, I'm trying to put them down" – “Before I Get To Turn Around” T. Buckley

“From the sprawling expanses of ‘Before I Get To Turn Around’ to the acoustic, confessional Springsteenisms of ‘Holding My Place’ to the melodic majesty of ‘Marilyn’, Buckley is clearly on top of his game. ….Frame by Frame is beautifully produced and impeccably performed - a real little gem of a record. “ - Red Guitar Music UK

“This is excellence in an album” - Americana Highways

“Songs this easy to understand and enjoy are crafted and polished, every thought precise and each line a little gem” - Bob Mersereau Top 100 Canadian Blog

Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee: Songwriter of the Year 2023

Western Canadian Music Award Nominee: Songwriter of the Year 2022

Calgary Music Award Winner: Folk Recording of the Year 2022

Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee: Emerging Artist of the Year 2020

Calgary Music Award Winner: Male Artist, Folk Recording and Songwriter of the year for 2019

Bio Old:
T. Buckley and his band delivers soulful laments and gritty truths, wrapped in roots rock and a cowboy blanket to create a distinct western Canadian flavour.

Funded through the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Northern Country Soul showcases maturity in Buckley’s musicality and his band’s cohesiveness. His core band, the T. Buckley Band, make up a triple threat that has been turning heads; Derek Pulliam, playing his uncle’s antique stand-up base, brings a more-than memorable stage presence and harmonies that create a perfected old-time sound. Add Tim Leacock into the mix – his electric guitar, mandolin, dry stage humour, and industry experience – and you’ve got a stage act that is ready to shake up a room.

The professional quality of the record’s sound is of credit to the recording engineer, mixer and master – Miles Wilkinson. This Grammy nominated industry artist has worked with a number of icons such as Emmy Lou Harris, Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell and Billy Cowsill.

As Albertan as it comes, Buckley uses songwriting to explore the people and places that define his home. With a degree in Canadian History and a family background filled with professional musicians, it comes as no surprise that he would take up the mantle of songwriter, though inspiration has come as much or more from the works of Hyatt, Lovett or Billy Cowsill as it has from his personal background.

Live shows are presented with an infectious vigor. Whether flushed out as a five piece with pedal steel and drums, or as a tight trio proving time and time again that it can hold down a driving beat sans drummer, Buckley’s particular strum and twang can evoke roadhouse blues, 60s rock, or introspective folk. You will see it all in one performance, as the band supports Buckley’s stories by moving fluidly between genres.

Already a staple of the Western Canadian roots scene, expect to see a lot more of T. Buckley in festivals and rooms across the country as they tour in support of their sophomore effort, Northern Country Soul.

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Buckley, T.


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