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St. Germain, Ray - My Many Moods

Format: CD
Label: GR Records AR-12032
Year: 2003
Origin: St. Vital, Manitoba, 🇨🇦
Genre: country, First Nations
Keyword:  First Nations, Metis
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Louis Riel, Manitoba, 2000's, Indigenous Canada


Track Name
I'm Mighty Proud I'm Metis
For a Piece of Land
Conchita Kowalski
If it Don't Fit
Whatcha Gonna Call Me
Show me the way to Jerusalem
You'll know that it's Me
The Metis
No More on the Outside
'Cause I'm a Travellin' Man
She's A Square
We Got Nothin'
Dynamite Woman
Sweet Innocence


R 23030153 1651066882 7562

My Many Moods


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"My Many Moods" came about when I was asked what kind of CD would I be releasing. I enjoy all kinds of music, though I mostly sing and write Country and Gospel. I especially like to write songs about my Metis heritage. This CD has the original recording of the first song I ever wrote & recorded, "She's a Square" in 1958, and features jazz guitar legend, Lenny Breau. It also holds some of the latest songs I've written. So, this CD contains a little of everything that I like to write or sing about when the mood strikes me. Enjoy!

"My Many Moods" won Best Country Album at Indian Summer Music Awards in Milwaukee in 2004.

Ray St. Germain’s image has graced Canadian television for years, and his voice is regularly heard on nation wide radio. With over 500 television appearances, this Country Music Hall of Famer’s career has excelled for three glorious decades.

‘My Many Moods’ is a collection of some of Ray’s brightest musical moments; from the #1 hit “Dynamite Woman” and “She’s A Square” (featuring legendary guitarist Lenny Breau), to 4 brand new unreleased recordings!

Born in 1940, Ray St. Germain started playing music and singing while growing up in St. Vital, a suburb in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He started out on accordion but switched over to guitar as a teenager because it looked a little silly jumping all over the stage with an accordion. He began performing all over Canada when he was still a teenager, earning the nickname "Winnipeg's Elvis", traveling with Hal Lone Pine, Betty Cody and their son Jazz Legend Lenny Breau. His career hasn't really let up since. During that time, he's performed on the bill with such greats as Johnny Cash, Porter Wagoner, and Johnny Horton. His music has taken him around the world, letting him travel to places like Germany, Israel and Cyprus, and across Canada. He clearly loves the performer's life and hasn't slowed down a bit. Ray has been seen nationally on CBC, Global, APTN and CKY as a performer, television producer/singer/host. Ray was also the radio host/program manager at NCI-fm. Ray St. Germain is an award winning Recording artist, and Stage show performer/producer. Ray recently added author to his repertoire as he wrote his autobiography "I Wanted to be Elvis, so What was I doing in Moose Jaw?". Ray is currently releasing his latest album entitled "We All Make Mistakes Sometimes" and enjoys performing stage shows across Canada.

Ray St. Germain was first heard on the CJOB Western Hour as a regular guest. As Ray toured with Hal Lone Pine and Betty Cody and their son Lenny Breau they were featured on CKY Caravan's weekly radio show as they traveled around the province. CKY radio stated that Ray St. Germain's "She's a Square" was the first local rock'n'roll 45 they ever played. That was followed by "Raise a Ruckus" released during Ray's time as host/singer of CBC TV's Music Hop.

Ray hosted the Country Kings on CKDM Dauphin Radio and later "Afternoon from Winnipeg" on CBC Radio with Murray Parker in 1966. After many television series and tours Ray returned to radio this time to NCI-FM where he hosted the Drive Home Show for eight years and was also the Program Manager.

Metis Hour with David Chartrand Ray continues to host the weekly Saturday morning show the METIS HOUR X2 on the NCI-FM network with co-host Naomi Clark. A popular show presented by the Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand. Ray also co-hosts the Automotive Hotline with Sid Minuk Saturday afternoons on the NCI-FM Radio Network.

Ray St. Germain's television career began when Ray was 18 and won a cross Canada CBC TV National Talent contest called "Talent Caravan". This led to Ray's first of many television series, "Like Young" and "Music Hootenanny" that ran from 1964 to 1966. The band featured Lenny Breau (jazz great) and Ray as singing host.

In 1969 Ray was the host/singer of "Time for Livin'" a CBC National television show out of Toronto that led to the 1970 series "My Kind of Country" a CBC National Television show from Winnipeg, featuring many of the biggest names in country music.

Ray hosted many TV specials such as Show of the Week, In Person, Two for the Road and guested several times on the Tommy Hunter Show. In 1975 Ray wrote and hosted the Winnipeg segment of the Lorne Green Special – Canada For the Fun of It.

In 1978, Ray began producing his long-running TV series entitled "Ray St. Germain Country", on CKND which that year won the Gold Medal at the Can-Pro Awards for Best New Variety Series. The show was syndicated Nationally and ran for 13 more years on Global as "Big Sky Country", bringing in many guests from Nashville as well as Canadian artists. Ray's two daughters Chrystal and Cathy, and son Ray Jr. joined him as regular performers. Big Sky Country was known for its beautiful locations set in Manitoba and Saskachewan, shot outdoors during the summer. Bringing music in a new setting to the audience each week.

Ray and his Bear for APTN's Tipi TalesIn 2003 Ray was co-producer-writer-host-singer on the popular series "Rhythms of the Metis" for APTN TV. Produced in both English and French, a series featuring guests of Metis music. He is also heard as the Voice of the Bear (Courage) on the award winning childrens series "Tipi Tales" on YTV and APTN.

Recently Lisa Meeches produced a biography special on Ray for the award winning series "The Sharing Circle" for APTN. CTV's "Manitoba Moments" captured a special feature as well featuring well known television and recording artist - Ray St. Germain.

Ray receiving the Aboriginal Order of Canada in Ottawa Ray St. Germain has received many awards for recording, television, stage shows and achievements all have been recognized for outstanding accomplishments.

Can Pro Award CKND TV Best New Variety Series: 1980
Aboriginal Order of Canada presented in Ottawa: 1985
Order of the Sash Saskatoon and Prince Albert: 1986
Manitoba Association of Country Arts : 1979 - 1985
Entertainer of the Year
Song of the Year
Male Vocalist of the Year
Recording Artist of the Year
Golden Award - Lifetime Achievement Award

Ray is also honored in the "Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame" in Calgary, Alberta. Ray's display contains his 'stage suit' from television performances from 1978, 'ovation guitar' from the overseas tour, 'leather hand made guitar case' from touring with Lenny Breau, pictures, posters and many items of memorabilia.

Legends of Winnipeg Fan Award: 1996
Indian and Métis Friendship Centre Wall of Honor: 1998
Best Country Album "My Many Moods" Milwaukee: 2004
Manitoba Aboriginal Music Hall of Fame: 2005
Winnipeg Community Service Award: 2007


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