Ohm   the secret sources

Ohm & the Secret Sources

Websites:  https://www.youtube.com/user/Shelalala777, http://www.ohmangel.com/
Origin: Toronto, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba

Peter Morrison "OhmAngel", was born in Budapest, moved to New York then to Toronto with his family, where he started composing original music on the guitar at the age of 13. He had a Near Death experience at the age of 21 due to his Rock N’ Roll lifestyle and after his brush with death and a resurrection onto the light, an angel guided him to a GrandPiano, where he played his own spiritual self-styled classical rock n roll music. 4-GodPeter wrote his first solo compositions for piano, in 1977 entitled “Vibrations From Heaven” & "OhmStation" which was aired by Dave Marsden on CFNY in Toronto 79', followed by this 45 rpm record, followed by an EP in 1984, which was Aired on Q107.

In the 90's, the band transformed into Ohm and the Temple of Sound and later as OhmAngel.

Shia Faust is still quite active in music. A professional video (not OHMspun!!) for "Mr. Crystal (1983) is currently in production and should be up by the end of October, 2011. Shia will be revisiting all of the OHM+SS songs posted on her You Tube Channel sometime in the future in order to remake all of the 'OHMspun' videos. However, she is currently concentrating on her new project/music with 'templOhm'. Shia is currently in production for the song "Mission Eternity" and has planned its release for Dec 12, 2011.

check out Shia's youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Shelalala777?feature=mhee#p/u/4/OWM6kVz6gFI

Astrid Young, sister of Neil Young, played bass and background vocals for Ohm & the Secret Sources. In the eighties, she sang with Sacred Child, a glam metal band and released a few albums. In the 90's, it was Blackthorne, Dramarama, and the Shrubbers. She released her first solo album album entitled "Brainflower" in 1995. In 2006, she released a folk psych solo album in 2006 entitled 'Matinee', and toured with Booker T to promote the record. She was a back-up vocalist on numerous Neil Young albums including Harvest Moon, Unplugged, and Are You Passionate?. In 2002, the rock band iST released a CD entitled Pokalolo Paniolo, where she performed lead vocals and played the bass guitar. Astrid has also co-written music with many fellow musicians, including Nancy Wilson and the late West Arkeen.



Ohm   the secret sources

Ohm & the Secret Sources


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