Ohm   the secret sources   exit from a dream front


Ohm & the Secret Sources - Exit From a Dream

Format: 12"
Label: Ohm Records OHM 84007
Year: 1984
Origin: Toronto, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba
Genre: new wave, synth, electronic, minimal
Value of Original Title: $75.00
Make Inquiry/purchase: email ryder@robertwilliston.com
Release Type: 12"
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, New Wave Post Punk Wave, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
All in My Mind
I Hold the Key

Side 2

Track Name
You Know I Love You
Planet Nine


Ohm   the secret sources   exit from a dream label 02

Ohm & the Secret Sources - Exit From a Dream LABEL 02

Ohm   the secret sources   exit from a dream label 01

Ohm & the Secret Sources - Exit From a Dream LABEL 01

Ohm   the secret sources   exit from a dream back

Ohm & the Secret Sources - Exit From a Dream BACK

Ohm   the secret sources   exit from a dream front

Exit From a Dream


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5-piece Toronto band, lead by Pete Morrison who co-produced EP with Ben McPeek (Captain Audio Studios). Neil Young's sister Astrid Young played on/co-produced one song on the EP. Shia Faust wrote the music and had the following to say:

OHM+SS, the band comprised of two lineups of musicians, recorded over 35 songs between 1979-1984. Ten songs included in a video shot at a TV studio in Toronto (1979-80?) have been lost, which included songs/titles such as ‘Sleeping in the Rain’, ‘Untold Secrets’, ‘Hold Me Twice’.... and performances of ‘Baby, Baby’ and ‘Mad at the World’. Bob Ezrin showed some interest in the band. We met him in (late) 1979 after PF’s Wall was released and he was working on the ‘one hit wonder’ Kings tune. As a matter of fact, I was at Nimbus Nine (I believe, or Sounds Interchange?) several times including when Bob was mixing the Kings song. Anyway, Bob thought that our sound was ahead of its time AND that the band was still not ready for an audience that would understand our music/direction. Oddly enough, he did propose (however informal) to work with me as a solo artist, but I turned HIM down!!!! lol.... no regrets.

Shortly after the Bob experience OHM+SS went on the road throughout Western Canada (some pics on the road are included on my YTC video post, ‘Baby, Baby’) and on the heels of such bands as (the then unknown) Bryan Adams, Toronto, etc. We settled with management in Winnipeg MB for about a year. The first lineup of OHM+SS broke up in 1982. Then I met Ricsi Soul, a keyboard player who had just at that time defected from Hungary, and began to collaborate with him. Just as we were finishing our material for the EP, Astrid Young came on the scene. Finally, in 1984 I had had enough of the music business. I met many wonderful (and some well known) musicians of that time (side note: Rosemary Clooney tried to set me up on at least 2-3 occasions with her then unknown nephew George... I turned her down too !!lol!!... no regrets), which I will write about one day on my templOhm site, “Stories of OHM”.

I came to Canada through Red Cross (separated from my parents/brother for two years...communist government crap!), and this wonderful land has been my home for the past 40+ years. I have lived in Budapest, New York, Winnipeg and Berlin (only for 6 mos., studied/worked in East Berlin.... came back to T.O. two weeks before the wall came down!!) I am so proud to be a Canadian, and OHM’s music/life was greatly influenced by our experiences, as lived in both Toronto and Winnipeg.

I gave up on the music business completely in 1984 BUT I never stopped studying piano and writing songs, or supporting the projects of my past band members and enjoying the sounds of today’s (well, 1990’s and 2000’s) new music. In 2010 I created a YT channel thinking that I was just going to post some of those new songs with Ricsi initially, and since I am still connected with several musicians I knew in the past, I would just continue playing as a hobby, labour of love project hence the creation of the ‘templOhm” site. Then in November of 2010 I received an email: it was a notice for Ricsi’s funeral that took place in April of 2010. I was devastated and decided to take my dusty CD off the shelf where it was sitting for many, many, years: “Space & Time” which contains all the songs that I have now posted on my YT channel.

I will be selling the new songs on iTunes, and I plan to put out another EP (vinyl) of five new songs sometime in 2012. The band will always be OHM+SS with a different lineup of musicians but the constants, Pete Morrison, Shia Faust and Kevin Read remain.
-Shia Faust

“Mission Eternity” is currently in production, as follows:

Music: Shia Faust / Rick Spyder
Lyrics: SFaust / Pete Morrison
Vocals: PMorrison / SFaust / RSpyder
Guitars/Bass: Rick Spyder
Produced by: RSpyder


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