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Rock Plaza Central

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Origin: Toronto, Ontario

On Are We Not Horses Toronto-based, seven piece indie-folk ensemble Rock Plaza Central uses traditional instrumentation to sketch visions of an apocalyptic future where angels battle humans and a race of robotic horses falls into existential crisis. Guitar, violin, banjo, drums, bass and horns combine to bring to mind the psych-folk of Neutral Milk Hotel as well as the casual country-soul of The Band. Culled from the oral short stories of guitarist and novelist Chris Eaton, Are We Not Horses is surefooted in its unique, evocative approach, riding soundly on the back of Eaton's frighteningly emotive vocals and the band's spare-but-hummable melodies. This groundbreaking sci-folk song cycle speaks directly to the questions of essence and existence, but with a back-porch simplicity that leaves us all chanting the band's warm, comforting mantra... "We've Got a Lot to Be Glad For."



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