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Stagger, Leeroy - River Rats/ Chop Wood Haul Water

Format: dd
Label: private
Year: 2023
Origin: Victoria, British Columbia - Lethbridge, Alberta, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock soft
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://leeroystagger.bandcamp.com/album/river-rats-chop-wood-haul-water
Playlist: Soft Rock Room, Alberta, 2020's, Vancouver Island Collection, British Columbia


Track Name
River Rats
Chop Wood, Haul Water


A0814681718 10

River Rats/ Chop Wood Haul Water


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released October 6, 2023

Chop Wood, Haul Water - To Commit to and Thrive during the process of any pursuit.

Coming out of Covid, I needed something real, something we all did together in a flash of light, or darkness or whatever the hell it was that we did. Seven of us all in one room with no separation, no headphones and no click tracks. Just old friends and new old friends playing music, responding to the molecules banging around each other in the room. I had produced a record called “Modern Love” by Dennis Ellsworth more or less in this fashion a few months earlier and was craving the energy and spark of that session. The world needs more real, less smoke and mirrors. No tricks, just human instinct and beauty and mistakes here. A lot of letting go.

I’m very pleased with this work, I hope you can find something of yourself in it too.
Still chopping wood and hauling water
-Leeroy Stagger, June 2023

Leeroy Stagger: acoustic guitar, vocals
Ryland Moranz: mandolin, banjo, plectrum guitar, vocals
Tyler Lieb: pedal steel, guitar
Scott Smith: acoustic and electric guitars
Luke Renshaw: bass
Geoff Hicks: drums, percussion
Geoff Hillhorst: piano, organ

Produced By Leeroy Stagger and John Raham
Recorded Live off the Floor at Afterlife Studios (Vancouver B.C)
Additional Recording at Neighbourhood Recorders (Victoria B.C)
Mixed by John Raham
Mastered By Sensei (Mayne Island, B.C)


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