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SonReal - Nobody's Happy All the Time

Format: CD
Label: Black Box Recordings
Year: 2022
Origin: Vernon, British Columbia, 🇨🇦
Genre: pop
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  http://sonreal.com/
Playlist: 2020's, Pop, British Columbia


Track Name
92 Jetta
Kidding Myself
Remember Me for Me
No Romance
Double Down
Academy Freestyle
Self Sabotage
For Broke
Nobody's Happy All the Time


1669461803 cover

Nobody's Happy All the Time



MUSIC Interview: SonReal Tells Us The Story Behind New Album ‘Nobody’s Happy All The Time’

The Canadian artist opens up about his brand new record.

Platinum-selling Canadian singer-songwriter SonReal aka Aaron Hoffman has been further building on his success this year.

With over 220 million global streams, SonReal just released his new album ‘Nobody’s Happy All The Time’. The collection is the follow-up to 2019’s ‘The Aaron LP’ and his first set of new material since 2021’s ‘i can’t make this up’ EP.

I recently caught up with SonReal to talk about the release of his new album, find out about the message behind it and to discuss his strong visual aesthetic…

You just released your new album ‘Nobody’s Happy All The Time’. Give us a little background about the inspiration behind the record.

The album’s roots and something that it always ties back to is mental health. I wanted to write a piece of music that people going through adversity could connect with. I wanted to be vulnerable… I wanted to have fun… I wanted to push myself writing and music wise. The inspiration was to be a better artist and create something meaningful for today’s world where so many people are feeling the effects of social media, anxiety etc.

What would you say you’re most proud of with this record?

The message. It’s really resonating with people. So many people turn to music and their favorite artists to make their day better. I’m most proud that I created a body of work that is authentic to me & at the same time resonating with people so deeply.

When it comes to writing and creating a record, how does that process start for you? Do you tend to focus more on lyrics and ideas, or play around with sounds?

Honestly me and my producer homies Joey & Trev just plug in the guitars, pass me a mic and hit record. We jam out a lot of our ideas live in the studio. I freestyle a lot more lyrics now that end up in the song. For instance my first verse on 92 Jetta is almost identical to the freestyle take I did in the studio. I love the spontaneity of creating freely like that.

Alongside the music, you always present a very strong visual aesthetic. Where does that come from and how do you bring your vision to life?

We’ve always loved doing next level visuals. I think it comes from growing up watching Eminem, Missy, Method Man videos… they were always mind blowing to me. When I started shooting videos I wanted them to have characters, be next level. I work on my videos with an amazing team and everyone has a hand in making them great.

For artists these days, there’s a real pressure to be on social media and constantly creating content. How do you balance that with making music and getting it out there?

I’m working on it lol. I’ve started just blocking out times where all I do is write. I’m trying to do 4 days a week right now. Social media standards for an artist have grown DRASTICALLY and it is a huge part of garnering our success. I hate to say this but it’s arguably more important than the music in terms of success. It takes a ton of time too… so I’m just getting better now at delegating my time to each.

When can fans next see you playing live and will there be any UK shows coming up?
I’m doing my North American tour first. I LOVE the UK so we will be back 100% just gotta knock out this NA Tour first.

With Christmas just around the corner, what plans do you have for the festive season?
Best question ever. Lol I am SOOOO hyped for Christmas this year. Having kids just makes holidays the best thing in the world. We have a chart right now for my daughter because her birthday is on Christmas and she asks if it’s Christmas yet everyday so the chart helps her know how far away it still is lol.

How is 2023 shaping up for you? What do you have planned?

My tour, I wanna put out another album. More music, more growth, more family time, more shows… just wanna work hard and be happy in 2023′

SonReal’s album ‘Nobody’s Happy All The Time’ is available now. Watch the music video for ‘No Romance’ below:
-Pip Ellwood-Hughes, Nov 23, 2022

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