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Jeffery, Rick Blues (Band, Blast) - Twice As Hard

Format: CD
Label: Canard Noir CN00069
Year: 1996
Origin: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Genre: blues
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Nova Scotia, Blues, 1990's, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Track Name
Pretty Thing
Sweet Young Thing
Be I (Bed-a-Bye Bo)
ABC's (Always Be Cool)
Down At Your Buryin'
I'm Old (You're Young)
Then You Die
There's the Balcony
Never Make a Move Too Soon
I'm a King Bee
There's Never Any Good News
You Fool Around Too


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Jeffery, Rick Blues Blast - Twice As Hard

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Jeffery, Rick Blues Blast - Twice As Hard

R 11975612 1608686893 7312

Twice As Hard



Rick Jeffery: vocals, guitar, blues harp
Morrow Scot-Brown: bass
Don Hann: bass (track: 12)
Ian O'Donnell: drums
Ainsley A.J. Jardine: drums (tracks: 1,9,10)
Little Barry Cook: keyboards
Mike Leggat: keyboards (tracks: 1,9)
Carter “Playboy” Chaplin: guitar (tracks: 1,9,10)
Craig Roode: guitar (track 1)
Stuart MacLean: guitar (tracks: 3,12)
Donnie Cartwright: slide guitar (tracks: 3,12)

Produced by Rick Jeffery, Dale White and Jim Hennman
Engineered by Roy Pulliam
Mixed by Terry Pulliam
Mastered by Reg MacMichael and Terry Pulliam for Put It On CD Mfg.
Recorded at SoundMarket Studios, Halifax, Nova Scotia by Don Donohue
Pre-Production by Ian Odonnell for Ians’ World Studios, Dale White for Soupbone Productions


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