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Masia One - Mississauga

Format: CD
Label: M1 Group
Year: 2003
Origin: Singapore - Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: hip-hop
Value of Original Title: $40.00
Make Inquiry/purchase: email ryder@robertwilliston.com
Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://www.masiaone.com/music/mississauga
Playlist: Hip-Hop Rap Room, 2000's, British Columbia


Track Name
Halfway Through The City
Milk Truck Man
The Oceanarium
Nightime, Summertime
Split Second Time
Mobile to Mobile (Edit)
Street Fashion
The Hazing
Diz Knee Land
Natural Progression


R 1919493 1252449988



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Mississauga is my premier album, when I stood in front of a mic for the first time in a basement studio in a suburb of Canada. This debut was named in honour of all people that helped me get my start. Strangely enough most of these folks all came from Mississauga, from designer Chris Thomas, mix engineer Al P, to producer Yoroku Saki.

1000 copies of these physical CDs were pressed up and moved hand to hand on the streets, at shows and over snail mail where I requested for people to send me $20 in a greeting card (just as their grand parents might do on birthdays.) Lead single Halfway Through the City debuted as my first music video, followed by Split Second Time, which earned me a nomination for best music video in the category of Rap at the Much Music Video awards. This was the first time a female and Asian artist was nominated in Hiphop and hopefully opened the door for more women of colour to express their music alongside their male counterparts.


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