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Luba (Lubomira Kowalchyk (Любомира Ковальчук)) - Lubomyra

Format: LP
Label: Sage Promotions ESP-77501
Year: 1977
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: folk, rock
Keyword:  Ukrainian
Value of Original Title: $200.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1970's, Quebec, Ukrainian Power, Canadian Women in Song, Folk


Side 1

Track Name
Sleep My Little One
An Orchard in Bloom
Fortune Teller

Side 2

Track Name
Carpathia - Starry Eyes
Autumn Leaf
Whispering Wind
Pretty Lady
A Song for Freedom


Luba lubomyra back

Luba-Lubomyra BACK

Luba lubomyra label 01

Luba-Lubomyra LABEL 01

Luba lubomyra label 02

Luba-Lubomyra LABEL 02

Luba lubomyra front




Lubomyra (Cyrillic: Любомира) is the second full-length release, and first solo album by the Canadian-Ukrainian singer-songwriter Luba, then known under her full name Lubomyra. It was released around 1977 by SAGE Promotions and features eleven tracks, two of which ("Carpathia" and "Starry Eyes") were combined into one full-length song. All the songs are traditional or covers of popular Ukrainian songs, with a new arrangement, featuring elements of jazz, blues and rock. The song "Kazka" was composed by Luba herself.

Lubomyra Kowalchyk: vocals
Paul Anthony: lead guitar
Gerald Gudzio: rhythm guitar
Gerald Gudzio: electric guitar
John Jason: bass
Peter Marunczak: percussion
Yourko Kulycky: keyboards
Peter Humenny: mandolin
Steve-Geoff-Gordon: brass

Engineered by Gaetan Desbiens, Dave Boke & Mark Laschuk


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