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Boize - The Bug

Format: cassette
Label: U-Iliot Records BE 001
Year: 1989
Origin: Montréal, Québec, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, glam, metal
Value of Original Title: $200.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Quebec, 1980's, Metal


Side 1

Track Name
I Need You
Out Of Your Mind
Out 2 Deep

Side 2

Track Name
Can't You See
The Bug


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Boize - Boize

Cassette  front  squared

The Bug


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This is the first professionally recorded and officially released Boize demo. The cassette is self-titled as it bares no name, however, when it was digitally reissued in 2011 through U-Iliot Records, it took on the name "The Bug" to differentiate it from the self-titled Boize EP that was released in April of 1992.

The five songs were recorded in September/October of 1989 at Studio Works. 250 tapes covers were professionally printed and the tapes were dubbed by the band.

The same five songs had been recorded during the summer of 1989 in the band's rehearsal and were privately released as an early demo tape. These same five songs were again re-recorded for their full-length album "I'll Still Love You" during the summer and fall of 1990.

Perry Blainey (FyiaPowers): vocals
Robert Kourie (Floyd Harem): guitar
Stéphane Fania (Zany Shultz): bass, keyboards and drum machine

Engineered by Mario Rubnikowich
Produced and arranged by Boize
Recorded and mixed at Studio Works, Montreal, fall, 1989
Artwork by Eliane Goffoy


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