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Boize - I'll Still Love You

Format: dd
Label: U-Iliot Records BE 002
Year: 1991
Origin: Montréal, Québec, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, metal, glam
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://uiliotrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ill-still-love-you
Playlist: Quebec, 1990's, Metal


Track Name
I'll Still Love You
The Bug
Uhh Beauty
Out of Your Mind
In Too Deep
I Need You
Boize Boys
Give Me Your Love
Can't You See
Everytime You Come Home


A1233283944 10

I'll Still Love You


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The posthumously released album from Boize. Nine songs were originally recorded from August to November of 1990 at Cherry Studio, engineered and produced by Peter Stocola and Tony Stocola, planned to be released by Imagination Records as a 12" LP in early 1991. The label's plans changed and Boize (who had paid for the recording session themselves) signed with Bill Hill Productions. Bill Hill took the nine-song studio session to Silent Sound Studio in February of 1991 to re-mix and re-record some of the vocals on four selected songs ("Out of Your Mind", "I Need You", "I'll Still Love You" and "Boize Boys") with Moris Apelbaum engineering. They were re-mixed and re-recorded further (some guitars and drums) with Bill Hill alone producing at Starbase Studio in March of 1991. A new song, "In Too Deep" was entirely recorded at Starbase, because Bill Hill wanted to push it as a single.

The four re-mixed tracks plus the newly recorded one were packaged together as a 5-song promotional tape sent out to major record labels and radio stations. But the album remained unreleased. The original nine-song Cherry Studio session was found in 2012 and was sent to Black Dog Mastering Studio for the remaining 5 un-re-mixed songs ("The Bug", "Uhh Beauty", "Give Me Your Love", "Can't You See" and "Everytime You Come Home") to be matched to the production level of the 5 songs from the promo tape. The 10-song album was finally released in December of 2012 by U-Iliot Records through Bandcamp.

Perry Blainey (Fyia Powers): vocals
Robert Kourie (Floyd Harem): guitar
Stéphane Fania (Zany Shultz): bass, keyboards
Scott MacDonald (Siegfried): drums

Lyrics by Perry Blainey
Music by Robert Kourie and Stéphane Fania
Produced by Bill Hill
Engineered by Peter Stocola, Tony Stocola, Morris Apelbaum and Bill Hill
Recorded at Cherry Studio (June 1990-November 1990), Silent Sound Studio (January 1991-February 1991) and Starbase Studio (February 1991-March 1991)
Mastered Black Dog Mastering Studio 2012
Released in Early 1991 by U-Iliot Records

Artwork by Stephane Fania
Photography by Diane Archambault
Additional vocals on "In Too Deep" by Dorian Sherwood and Kim Sherwood


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