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Rushnychok - Volume Two

Format: LP
Label: Sage Promotions ESP 74200
Year: 1974
Origin: Lachine, Québec
Genre: folk, rock
Keyword:  Ukrainian
Value of Original Title: $40.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ukrainian Power


Side 1

Track Name
The Whistling Kozaks (Засвистали козаченьки)
Chaban (Чабан)
The Moon In The Sky (Місяць на небі)
Moyi Yasyny (Мої ясени)
Eyes As Dark As The Soil (Чорні очка як терен)

Side 2

Track Name
The Mosquito And The Fly (Ой що ж то за шум?)
Lytsar (Лицар)
I Can See The Village (Ой видно село)
A Mist In The Valley (На долині туман)
The Storm (Буря)
My Homeland (Земле моя)


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Rushnychok - Volume 2

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Rushnychok - Volume 2

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Rushnychok - Volume 2

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Volume Two


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In their time together, Rushnychok recorded five albums comprised of 63 songs. The albums were all issued under the band's own SAGE Promotions record label (SAGE came from combining their names' first initials). The band's album sales could be counted in the tens of thousands - a rare feat compared to other North American "ethnic" acts. Amazingly, the albums also had a large impact in Ukraine where copies had to be secrectly snuck in.

At their peak, the band had recognition world-wide and performed at all the major Ukrainian festivals in Canada and the U.S.A., plus, countless weddings, banquets, and special events! Rushnychok's unrivalled popularity, and influence on other peer bands, helped their hometown Montreal gain the title: "Zabava Capital" of North America.

Through all the years, the only members of Rushnychok:

Steve (Stefan) Andrusiak: drums
Andrij Harasymowycz: vocals, guitar
George (Yurko) Shtyk: bass guitar, vocals
Ewhen Osidacz: vocals, accordion


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