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Sirocco, Les - C'est que je t'aime b/w En suivant l'etoile (Cuando sali de Cuba)

Format: 45
Label: Barclay B 60003
Year: 1968
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: pop
Value of Original Title: $10.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Frankie Hart


Side 1

Track Name
C'est que je t'aime

Side 2

Track Name
En suivant l'etoile (Cuando sali de Cuba)


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Sirocco, Les - C'est que je t'aime b/w En suivant l'etoile (Cuando sali de Cuba)

R 3886996 1404409932 2750.jpeg

C'est que je t'aime b/w En suivant l'etoile (Cuando sali de Cuba)


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Produced and arranged by Paul Baillargeon

A: Cover of 'C'est Que Je T'Aime' by Michel Fugain
B: Cover of 'Cuando Sali De Cuba' by Luis Aguile

Originally, Montreal, Quebec; Vancouver, BC; Toronto, ON

In 1967 I started a folk group called The Sirocco Singers with 2 friends in Montreal. We recorded and toured in Canada and the US, releasing a number of singles, and doing Radio and TV interviews. After that group ended, I formed a rock band called Freedom North with Bill Hill, Rick St. Jean, Les Leroux and Eddy kaye. We also recorded and toured in Canada and the US, and released an LP, out of which came our hit song "Dr. Tom"​. When I left that group, I worked solo playing guitar and piano in Montreal and Ontario, until joining up with 2 former members of Mashmakhan, Rayburn Blake and Brian Edwards, to form a band called Riverson. We recorded our album at Manta Sound in Toronto with Graham Lear as drummer, and later Michael Berman joined the group. Once again, recording and touring in Canada and the US, after releasing our LP and a few singles. When I moved to Vancouver in 1980, I worked as a singer and guitar player, and as a studio singer on a couple of projects. After moving to Toronto in 1986 I recorded multiple projects with Richard Citroen as the original voice of "Lola Dutronic". A few of our original songs were and are being used on television programs.

Then in the new millenium, I spent 7 years hosting a jazz jam at Birds and Beans, and then at The Gallery and Tartistry, all in Etobicoke, writing charts for the band and learning about jazz.

In July 2015, I sang and played guitar with Rayburn Blake as part of the Niagara Jazz Festival.

I continued to perform regularly at different venues like Musideum and the Tranzac in Toronto, with different artists, including Bob Cohen, David Woodhead, Doug Wilde, Ambrose Pottie doing different styles of music until the pandemic shut down live music. As soon as things open up, I'll be singing and playing, mostly around Toronto, and at present am writing songs and doing recording projects using my home recording set up.


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