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Sirocco, Les

Origin: Montréal, Québec

Trio of Montreal (Québec, Canada) performers composed of Hélène Vanier, Francine Jarry and Frankie Hart. Also known as: Les Filles Sirocco, The Sirocco Singers.

Hélène Vanier and Francine Jarry had done their secretarial courses together. Hélène was secretary and Francine, press officer at Expo '67. She knew Frankie Hart well, who was secretary of the newspaper The Gazette, and the three girls decided to share the same apartment. All three sang for their pleasure and played a little guitar. They had never studied singing but had learned the piano for several years, they said to themselves one day, "Why not sing together", and they set to work. At the time, they had no thought of making a career.

And then, thanks to an acquaintance, they participated in the contest show "Like Young", on CFCF (channel 12) in May 1967 and won the prize. They continued to work in their respective offices until September, but the offers of commitments were so numerous after this issue that they decided to try their luck. During a visit to New York in the fall of '67, they had an unforgettable experience: singing on the stage of the famous "Lamb' Club". A Sullivan Company producer heard them and was impressed. He took them under his protection!

Mexico and Europe were sources of inspiration for Francine and Hélène: each, having visited several countries, discovering in each place either a song or an air of music that pleased her.
They had chosen their name well: Les Sirocco, just on the eve of their appearance on TV and in 15 minutes, pressed as they were by the director who threatened them with the joke, to give them one that would not be beautiful. They wanted a name that is quite easily pronounced in all languages, foreshadowing or premonition of their future international career. They sing in French, English, Spanish, German, Italian and Hebrew.



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