1976 pied who pear what

Pied Pumkin - Pied Who Pear What

Label: World Record Corp. WRC1-965, Squash
Year: 1976
Origin: Vancouver - Bowen Island, British Columbia
Genre: folk
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Release Type: Albums
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Side 1

Track Name
No. 5 Orange
Caught in the Rain
Middle of Nowhere
Mushroom Madrigal

Side 2

Track Name
The Dynamite Band
No. 1 Son
Fool for the Blues
Holy Angel


1976 pied who pear what

Pied Who Pear What


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Vancouver folk act Pear Of Pied Pumkin was the brainchild of former Lotus Eaters member and San Antonio, Texas native Scott. After relocating to British Columbia as a draft dodger, he hooked up with Mock Duck member and former Regina native Joe Mock and expatriate and BC dweller Shari Ulrich. As a means to house the quirky eclectic side of this jazz/folk combo they created their own Squash Records and released two back to back independent albums - 'Pied Pumkin String Ensemble' (1975) and 'Pied Pumkin Allah Mode' (1976) - which both sold a modest total of 30,000 copies each. Ulrich left at the request of Valdy to join his Hometown Band. Mock and Scott continued on as a duo and released another indie release, 'Pear Of Pied Pumkin' in 1977, and then 'Pied Pear', in 1980. Ulrich made a guest appearance on "Caught In The Rain" as did other noteworthy musicians such as Claire Lawrence, Robbie King, Rene Worst, and Duris Maxwell (Skylark, Powder Blues). The duo went their separate ways in the mid-80's -- Mock as a musician in Tokyo and Southern France; and Scott as a family entertainer performing around the world. They reunited for the first time with Ulrich in 1989 to tour their album of rarities called 'The Lost Squash Tapes'. The three have kept in touch over the years and Pied Pumkin reunited in 1998 for a 20 date tour of Western Canada for the promotion of their compilation CD 'Plucking DeVine'. The tour was so successful that they will return to the stage again in May and June 1999.

Richard Scott: vocals, dulcimer
Joe Mock (Mock Duck): vocals, piano, guitars

Shari Ulrich: vocals, violin, saxophone
Clair Lawrence: saxophone
Robbie King: organ
Rene Worst: bass
Duris Maxwell: drums
Geoff Eyre: drums


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