Ron baumber   ron baumber rojn baumber selected works reduced

Baumber, Ron - Selected Works

Format: streaming
Label: private
Year: 2020
Origin: Regina, Saskatchewan - Mississauaga, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: folk, acoustic guitar
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Ontario, 2020's, Folk


Track Name
Amen (feat. Andy Kanerva, David Clarence Maclean & Brian Gagnon) (2015)
Howling (2016)
Blanket Studio Mix (2016)
Tin Girls (2016)
Crazy (2016)
Duncan and the Devil (2017)
In the Air Tonight (2017)
Boy He Could Play (2017)
Blanket Radio Edit (2018)
Nothing at All with Brian Gagnon (2018)
Crash Too Hard (2019)
Song For Adam (2019)
The Grifter's Life (2019)
Sit Down Young Stranger (2020)


Ron baumber   ron baumber rojn baumber selected works reduced

Selected Works


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After decades Ron Baumber’s first album “China Doll “is still a treasured collectors item the world over. For these new recordings - Ron has teamed up with veteran musician / producer Brian Gagnon ( Eileen ) Shania Twain , ) to create some unforgettable rocking tracks . Distributed internationally by UMA@ New York. Ron is available and streaming on literally every major service on the planet even obtaining a release in China. Ron worked on many major projects like the Multi Platinum “ Rodeo Song”, Juno winning “Eddie Schwartz” and Mega Super Star Ronnie Spector ( Say Good Bye to Hollywood, The Ronettes, Eddie Money ).

Currently performing with
BOB COHEN - Guitarist ( Jesses Winchester, Andre Gagnon)
ED MICHAEL ROTH - Keys ( Rick James, Daniel Lanois)
MALCOLM OBERY - Drummer ( Social Hysteria, Scott Abell Band )
DEVIN MELANSON - Bassist (Alter Ego Music, Pent-up and Copy Red Leader)
MELISSA DUTCH vocals (singer songwriter vocal coach)
CYNTHIA FAY GUTIERREZ MARHUE vocals ( singer song writer, jazz singer )

“Really good band - exceeded my expectations” - John Marlatt ( Moonshine Cafe owner/operator ) recording artist canadian singer/songwriter music on line

Ron Baumber Produced at Harlow Sound by Brian Gagnon and was used in the Movie Taken 3 starring Liam Neeson. Features D.C. Maclean

Boy He Could Play
Produced by Brian Gagnon cover photo by Patricia Toth, Dedicated to Lance Bennett. Features Brian Gagnon

Produced by Brian Gagnon cover art by Adam Carter. my arrangement of the great Imogene Heap song. #1 song on my YouTube playlist and number one song on the Moonshine Cafe YouTube Playlist.. This is the studio version. Features D.C. Maclean

Produced by Brian Gagnon , Cover Photo by Don Gleeson ( Ramucy Photog ). Love playing this tune live.

Nothing At All
Ron Baumber a song dealing with severe depression produced by Brian Gagnon , Cover art by Paul Tomas

Duncan and The Devil
Ron Baumber produced by Brian Gagnon engraving by J.H. Ranger Artworks, Cover design by Dermot Walsh

The Air Tonight
re -arranged version of the Great Phil Collins song, Produced by Brian Gagnon , Fantastic cover photo by Roy Coumans of the Netherlands and Graphics by the amazing Dermot Walsh
released November 15, 2017 #1played song on my Spotify playlst

Tin Girls
Ron Baumber a song dealing with lost and murdered indigenous women produced by Brian Gagnon , Cover art by Terry Debono Potography. Features Gerry Mayor on Saxophone

Ron Baumber produced by Brian Gagnon featuring Andy Kanerva cover photo by Terry Debono Photography and Graphic by Neil Macnaughton


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