Buddy reynolds blue okanagan aragon 78

Reynolds, Buddy (Ivan A. Reynolds) - Blue Okanagan // Over An Ocean Of Golden Dreams

Format: 78
Label: Aragon AR 154
Year: 1950
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: country
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Release Type: 78 rpm
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Playlist: Aragon Records, Blue Okanagan, Country & Western, 1950's, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
Blue Okanagan

Side 2

Track Name
Over An Ocean Of Golden Dreams



Buddy Reynolds - Blue Okanagan

Buddy reynolds over an ocean of golden dreams aragon 78

Reynolds, Buddy (Ivan A. Reynolds) - Blue Okanagan // Over An Ocean Of Golden Dreams

Buddy reynolds blue okanagan aragon 78

Blue Okanagan // Over An Ocean Of Golden Dreams


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Ivan A. (Buddy) Reynolds was born in North Vancouver in 1927. When he was only nine years old he participated in a "man on the street" radio broadcast and sang one of his own compositions before an astonished crowd. At age 12 he combined home-work with songwriting and didn't perform pubicly again until he was 17.

In 1947, he performed a title-less song about the Okanagan Valley on CJIB Radio. Blue Okanagan as it was later called became an instant hit. He was then working as a plumber's helper and with nothing much more than his guitar moved to Vancouver. Blue Okanagan was recorded but he still couldn't consider his music as a full-time job. Oddly enough, Blue Okanagan became more popular in Eastern Canada than in the West.

In 1951 he began a cross-country tour which took him to Ontario, New York and Chicago. In Chicago he appeared on a network barndance and was billed The Cariboo Ranger. At the crest for the crave of novelty music, he recorded the nonsensical ditty Spruce Bug. The song became a sensation and was the highest selling record in 1951 for Aragon Records. Soon after this release, a song about Lake Okanagan's mythical sea monster was recorded. It was hoped that Frankie Laine would record Ogopogo, assuring continent-wide circulation.

Many other recordings followed including Rocky Mountain Rhythm and several editions of his music were published by Empire Music in New Westminster. Buddy Reynolds worked hard to (in his own words) "prove that a Canadian entertainer can be commercially successful in Canada. I'm going to prove it if I have to starve doing it."


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