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War Party - Stress Filled Day

Format: dd
Year: 2016
Origin: Hobemma, Alberta
Genre: First Nations, rap, hip-hop, Cree
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Websites:  https://warparty.bandcamp.com/track/stress-filled-day
Playlist: Alberta, Hip-Hop Rap Room, 2010's, Indigenous Canada


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Stress Filled Day


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Stress Filled Day


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Stressed Filled Day
Written and composed by Rex Smallboy

and now we guns
and now we got gangs
it seems these days
you gotta be careful where you hang
and how you dress
and who you with
and what ever you do
dont smoke that shit
and if you did,
dont give up hope man
God loves his children
he even loves the dopeman
this aint no joke man
people are dying
lives are being lost
i see the cops are trying
but there's so much anger
and there's so much hate
man there's so much trouble
there's so much pain
but could you blame them
they tryna get by
people sell drugs
cuz people get high
and people get high
cuz they wanna feel good
its the same on the rez
how it is in the hood

I hear they talk about the Rez in a bad way
But they don’t know about the stressed filled day

its pretty obvious man
we got problems
we bringing each other down
to the rock bottom
and the worst thing is
the people are loosing hope
they putting guns in they mouths
or they hanging from a rope
shit i aint lying
thats the truth on my rez
kids they shoot on my rez
but its not their fault
you see something is missing
there's no respect
just the effects of neglect
man its incorrect
some where we lost it
thats why they's gangs
thats why they slang
they doing that hood thang
but the good things is
we could learn from our mistakes
take whats good and make something better

I hear they talk about the Rez in a bad way
But they don’t know about the stressed filled day

See every night I pray for the people in danger
from the ones that i know to the ones that are strangers
to the children sleeping to the ones smoking rock
I think to myself how can we make it stop
I ask God to keep you safe and bless you with life
to help you live good so you can do whats right
if we could mess things up then im sure we could fix it
We have to understand we living in sickness
released June 22, 2016


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