Power, Colleen - Raised On This

Format: CD
Label: Baygirl Music
Year: 2017
Origin: Freshwater, Placentia, Newfoundland - St. John's, Newfoundland
Genre: folk
Value of Original Title: $15.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Newfoundland Labrador, 2010's, Canadian Folk



Track Name
Cod Liver Oil (featuring Fergus O'Byrne)
Molly Bawn (featuring Mark Hiscock)
Boston Burglar
Pat Murphy's Meadow
Dark Eyed Sailor
Go Lassie Go (featuring Jason Whelan)
Sam Hall (featuring Sherry Ryan)
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya
Dark Island
Let Me Fish off Cape St. Mary's



Raised On This


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Cod Liver Oil (traditional) - Featuring Fergus O’Byrne on vocal, banjo, bodrhan, Jason Whelan: bouzouki, acoustic guitar, Aneirin Thomas: bass

Molly Bawn (John Keegan Casey/McNulty Family) - Featuring Mark Hiscock on vocal, accordion, Jason Whelan: acoustic guitar

Boston Burglar (traditional) - Jason Whelan: guitar, Aneirin Thomas bass, Geoff Panting: accordion, Dave Panting: mandolin

Pat Murphy’s Meadow (J.M Devine) - Jason Whelan: acoustic guitar

Dark Eyed Sailor (traditional) - Jason Whelan: bouzouki, acoustic guitars electric guitars, Dave Panting: mandolin, Aneirin Thomas: bass, Ed Sutherby: drums

Go Lassie Go (Francis McPeake) - Jason Whelan: vocal, acoustic guitar, Rob Brown: uilleann pipes

Johnny I hardly Knew Ye (traditional) - Sherry Ryan: vocal, Colleen: acoustic guitar, Aneirin Thomas: bass, Ed Sutherby: drums, Jason Whelan: electric guitar, bouzouki, acoustic guitar

Sam Hall (traditional) - Featuring Sherry Ryan

The Dark Island - (David Silver/Ian MacLachlan): Jason Whelan: guitar, Aneirin Thomas: bass, Rob Brown: whistle

Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s (Otto Kelland) - Geoff Panting: piano


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