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Compilation - Inuit Drum Dances Of Western Arctic

Format: 7"
Label: CBC Northern Service QCS 1459
Year: 1979
Origin: Canada
Genre: First Nations, Inuit, folk
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Release Type: Singles
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Playlist: Inuit northern songs, CBC Northern Service and Related Recordings, Arctic Inuit Pisiq songs, Indigenous Canada


Side 1

Track Name
Dance depicts Kitigaluit Village at mouth of Mackenzie River NWT
Dancers swirl and stamp about difficulties on river bank
Celebration at dark times of year. Shake arms, stamp feet, think of good times ahead
Early morning on the land. Trapper wakens but decides to rest. Dancers stretch groan of such laziness

Side 2

Track Name
See ducks on the lake! They preen skip and soar. Dancers imitate motions
Hunter angry about his first musket-loading rifle. Aims, misfires. Motions of smashing musket against rocks
Prize seal caught. Dance rendered with motions of hauling, lifting to cadence of caribou skin drum


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Compilation - Inuit Drum Dances Of Western Arctic

R 7628201 1445460050 8009.jpeg

Inuit Drum Dances Of Western Arctic


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