Berube, Mark - Russian Dolls

Format: CD
Label: Bonsound Records BONAL 027
Year: 2013
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia - Montréal, Québec
Genre: folk
Value of Original Title: $15.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Quebec, Bonsound Records, 2010's, Folk, British Columbia


Track Name
Russian Doll
Confessions to a Streetlight
Oak Tree
Queen and Country
Mississippi Prom
Cardinal Cloven Light
The Good, the Bad, and the Photograph
Another Century
Beer Garden



Russian Dolls


No Video


To be released November 5th, 2013.

With one foot rooted in the folk music tradition of story-telling, the poetry of spoken-word, and the other planted in a childhood love of South African music, psychedelic folk pop and a smattering of jazz, Mark Berube has a broad and eclectic base from which to build his albums, all bound together by his warmly potent voice. And this is exactly what we get with his new album titled Russian Dolls, out November 5th on Bonsound! Kristina Koropecki, Berube’s shadowy co-conspirator, adds layers of cello, autoharp, saw and a classical music vocabulary to the mix, resulting in rich, lush and adventurous sonic landscapes. Russian Dolls weds the epic to the intimate, the acoustic to the synthetic, the past to the future in delightful ways, always leaving the listener to wonder what will be revealed behind the next door.


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