Emtidi - ST (first press)

Format: LP
Label: Thorofon Records ATH 109 (Germany)
Year: 1970
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia (Dolly Holmes); Bavaria (Maik Hirschfeldt)
Genre: folk, psych, prog
Value of Original Title: $1,000.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: 1970's, Rarest Canadian Music, Psych, Folk, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
Lookin’ For People
Shadow On Your Face
Long Long Journey
No Turn Back
Space Age

Side 2

Track Name
Let The Joint Go Round
Yvonne’s Dream
Birds On Agraveyard



ST (first press)


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Emtidi was a German duo stuck somewhere between the cosmic and psychedelic movements stylistically. Despite having only two members a full sound is provided, as Maik Hirschfeldt provides guitars, flute, some keyboards and vocals while Dolly Holmes is charged with lead vocals and most of the keyboard work.

Their music can best be described as folk music with a progressive tinge. Hirschfeldt provided twelve-string guitar tapestries often times reminiscent of Anthony Phillips. Holmes’ keyboard arsenal included acoustic and electric piano, spinet, Hammond, and mellotron, and her passages on these are laced with delicate Baroque-era stylings. The two both shared vocal duties, with Dolly usually taking lead. No drums, bass or electric instruments.

Their selftitled debut album’s first side contains fragile naive acid folk. This Teutonic pastoral music contains a certain dose of emotional, introspect, delicate expressions.

The flip side of the record is also mostly instrumental, including a very pleasant acoustic guitar solo on “Birds on a Graveyard”, and a sort of folk freak-out bouzouki-and-flute extended play called “Flutepiece” that makes it clearly apparent these two were tripping and recording at the same time. It was 1970 after all.
-From progarchives.com

Dolly Holmes: 6-string acoustic guitar, bouzouki, kazoo, vocals
Maik Hirschfeldt: 7 & 12-string acoustic guitar, flute, vocals


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