Borromeo, Joanna - Kaleidoscope

Format: CD
Label: private
Year: 2013
Origin: Calgary, Alberta
Genre: soul, rhythm and blues
Value of Original Title: $15.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Alberta, 2010's


Track Name
Move Mountains
No One Like You
Your Shoes
Even If
For Me
Train Ride
Good Times in Love
Wide-Eyed and in Your Arms





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Sometimes it takes a year for an artist to come full-circle and get over the all-too-familiar feeling of quitting. That’s exactly what R&B/Jazz artist Joanna Borromeo went through in the past several months. With heartbreaking thoughts of leaving music in the back of her mind, Joanna decided she would apply for a Canada Council grant in November 2011 and let the jury decide if she should continue making music or not. As it turned out, she was awarded a full scholarship to create a full-length album. From that moment, Joanna resolved to give her best, most focused effort towards her craft. The result is a beautiful 9-song album entitled “Kaleidoscope”.

Joanna Borromeo is not playing around. The young Calgary native definitely shows what shes got on her new album Kaleidoscope, which releases on March 26th.

From front to back the album is a great listen. It features excellent instrumentation that gives the entire album a living breathing feeling. Borromeo’s experience as a pianist certainly makes the album more personal and intimate. I liken the experience to sitting front row at a live show. The tracks are laced with earthy tantalizing vocals.

The aptly named album does a fantastic job of effectively tying together an array of moods while maintaining a cohesive feel.

The opening track “Move Mountains” is absolutely fantastic. The drums are crisp and heavy, the keys are groovy and you cannot help but fall in love with this woman’s style. As soon as the beat drops you will find yourself nodding your head, and the Rhodes takes it from there.

The rest of the album did not disappoint.

Despite the first track the bulk of the album is quite mellow. After “Move Mountains” you are dropped into the soulful love song “No One Like You”. Don’t be fooled though, there are tracks like “Your Shoes” and “For Me” mixed in that will come on and make sure that you are still alert and feeling good.

Kaleidoscope is very well put together in every sense of the phrase. The instrumentation is tight throughout, the vocals never falter, and the format is, in my opinion, immaculate. Kaleidoscope will be available on March 26th so be sure to pick up this gem.
-Mighty Andy, bamalovesoul.com


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