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Handful of Snowdrops - Storm Debris & Astronaut Remains: Demo Archive Volume 2 (1990-1992)

Format: dd
Label: NanoGénésie NG 004 dd
Year: 2009
Origin: Québec City, Québec
Genre: new wave, dark wave
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://handfulofsnowdrops.bandcamp.com/album/storm-debris-astronaut-remains-demo-archive-volume-two-1989-1992
Playlist: New Wave Post Punk Wave, 1990's, Quebec


Track Name
Charlatan (4 Track Home Demo)
Now, Then and Forever (4 Track Home Demo)
Sometimes I (4 Track Home Demo)
No More Lies (4 Track Home Demo)
Over My Head (4 Track Home Demo)
As Thought Outside but Looking In (Home Demo)
Counterclockwise (8 Track Home Demo)
Ends & Meanings (8 Track Home Demo)
Messengers (8 Track Home Demo)
Chemical Engineering (8 Track Home Demo)
Remedy (8 Track Home Demo)
Astronauts (8 Track Home Demo)


A1715403294 10

Storm Debris & Astronaut Remains: Demo Archive Volume 2 (1990-1992)


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This is the second and last volume of the Handful of Snowdrops Demo Archive (1990 - 1992). 5 tracks are taken from the first draft of demos we recorded for Dans l'Oeil de la Tempête, and 7 tracks are from the very last demo of the band, which were intended for a third album called Astronaut. This album would never be released or recorded as the group dissolved in 1993


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