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Handful of Snowdrops - Dans l’oeil de la tempête: Definitive Expanded & Remastered Edition

Format: dd
Label: NanoGénésie NG 003 dd
Year: 2010
Origin: Québec City, Québec
Genre: new wave, electronic, dark wave
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://handfulofsnowdrops.bandcamp.com/album/dans-loeil-de-la-temp-te-30th-anniversary
Playlist: Experimental & Electronic, New Wave Post Punk Wave, Quebec, 1990's


Track Name
Voices in the Night
From One Place to Another
The Ghost of a Song
Shadows on the Heart
What You Want
Sometimes I
In the Eye of the Storm
Now, Then and Forever (Bonus Track)
Second by Second (Bonus Track)
Hush (Bonus Track - 1991 unreleased remix)



Handful of Snowdrops

A3905697402 10

Dans l’oeil de la tempête: Definitive Expanded & Remastered Edition


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2021 marks the 30th anniversary of Handful of Snowdrops sophomore album "Dans l'Oeil de la Tempête". The 1991 release of the album was plagued with problems. Inexistent budget, makeshift studio, no experienced producer or engineer are only the tip of the iceberg. The labels had financial problem and didn't promote it. They didn't care to master the mix down or even normalize it before burning it to CDs! The result was and unbearably quiet album, lacking any punch and low-end.

With this release I tried to give back these songs the little dignity they were stripped of. The anniversary double CD edition contains the remastered album on the first CD and both of HoS' Doctor Death compilation contributions and every home demos Handful of Snowdrops recorded between "Land of the Damned" and "Tempête" on the second CD.

Unfortunately, the maximum amount of music that a CD can hold prevented the inclusion of the original version of the album. But I've decided to include it to the digital download version, bringing the total amount of tracks of this 30th anniversary to 28!

Happy anniversary "Tempête"!

JP, still writing from the eye of the storm, octobre 2021.

The definitive Expanded and Remastered 2010 Edition of the HoS sophomore album originally released in 1991. Includes two songs from the C'est La Mort's Doctor Death Compilation series and one previously unreleased remix of Hush. (Only available as a digital download)

Produced by: Martin Talbot & Handful of Snowdrops
Engineered by Martin Talbot
Executive Producer: NanoGénésie
Booklet Design: NanoGénésie
Remastered by: NanoGénésie
Nicole "Tico" Mayer: backup vocals


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