Sampson, Gordie - Almost Beautiful

Format: CD
Label: Turtlemusik
Year: 2011
Origin: Big Pond, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Genre: country
Value of Original Title: 
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Nova Scotia, Country & Western, Cape Breton, 2010's


Track Name
Thank My Lucky Stars
Wake My Heart
Fear of Flying
I See You In Everything
Crazy Holdin’ On
Hurricane Jane
The Other Side of Letting Go
Crazy Old Man
Any Other Memory
Tough Town
What Will They Say



Almost Beautiful


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In a way, it’s unfortunate that Gordie Sampson’s solo work doesn’t garner the same attention that his song writing does. While you might tend to think that the two go hand-in-hand, his proper albums never seem to turn heads in the very same way that his songs have. Almost Beautiful, Sampson’s fourth solo record, sees him cover radio friendly pop with country undertones, proving he is indeed one of the finest songwriters to emerge from Atlantic Canada. Sounding whether at ease behind fun, upbeat tracks like Hurricane Jane or penning poignant ballads such as Tough Town and Fear of Flying, Sampson’s ability to deliver a world-class record versus an “East Coast” sounding one is truly remarkable. Now if only he can get some light shed on these terrific little records he is making, all will be right in the world.
-ken kelley


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