Real McKenzies - Westwinds

Format: CD
Label: Fat Wreck Chords FAT 788
Year: 2012
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: celtic rock
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Celtic Rock, 2010's, British Columbia


Track Name
The Tempest
Fool’s Road
I Do What I Want
The Message
My Luck is So Bad
The Massacre of Glencoe
The Bluenose
Hi Lily
My Head is Filled With Music
Barrett’s Privateers
Pipe Solo – Francis Fraser





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You can't go wrong with Real McKenzies!

Another very solid effort from the McKenzies. This album has it's share of what we've come to expect from these guys, up-tempo, great, celtic-punk songs. It also smacks of a little maturity, like maybe they've grown up a little bit. As the cover would indicate, this collection does tend toward the maritime in theme, but over all it fits perfectly into my Real McKenzies collection! I would highly recommned this one to anyone interested in trying this band out.
-Jay Hollopeter

I do what I want might be one of the more powerful songs ever written by the bunch. The production quality of this album is also a step up. If you like The McKenzies you'll like this album, same quality drinking/fighting music they have mastered the art of making. Bottom line, five oota five stars.

Best Album Since 10,000 Shots!
Wow, this McKenzies album is an instant classic in my opinion right up there with the masterpiece of 10,000 shots. It's so fun to listen too, the cover art really says it all. All aboard an amazing lyrical journey accompanied by bagpipes and drunken men. Oh yes. This is one for the books.
-Matthew Harris

buy the album here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/westwinds/id495361768


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