Lunasam - Mausoleum

Format: dd
Label: Lunasam
Year: 2012
Origin: Québec City, Québec
Genre: electronic, experimental
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Release Type: Singles
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Playlist: Experimental & Electronic, Quebec, 2010's


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Music and lyrics by Robert and Bertrand. All instruments and lead vocals by Robert. Back vocals, coaching and mix by Bertrand.


No worries, nothing needs to get done.
Take it lying down, in my mausoleum.
Lights yonder from the tunnel are gone.
Visit me in thought, in my mausoleum.
Nobody’s grave but mine, mine’s the grayest tomb.
It’s got everything real fine, better than the womb.
Sacred blessings overstayed their welcome.
Dashingly debonaire, in my mausoleum.
The war is over, and your mommy is gone.
Fingernails getting long…
In my mausoleum.
Nobody’s grave but mine, mine’s the grayest tomb.
It’s got everything real fine, better than the womb.

Over my dead body…
You’ll never get me alive…
In my mausoleum, in my mausoleum, in my mausoleum, in my mausoleum.
My mausoleum is bigger than yours!

It’s a megalith with a twist.
Amidst a necropolis…
I stripped my knees down to the bone.
And I’m all alone but fine.
And I’ve got all my time…

After note by Bertrand:

Two years ago, Robert and I composed and recorded an initial version of this song, and eventually completed a couple of mixes, one with Robert singing lead vocals, then a second one with Melodie Miranda singing lead vocals.

But they were slow and and it was clear we could do better.

So a few months ago, we scrapped everything we had done before, and redid everything from scratch at a must faster tempo. It took us months to get it down, we each lost our voices doing takes and had a lot of fun doing it. I originally recorded the bass on this version as well, but it was thin-sounding and when we finally got around to finding the right sound (see previous post), I just handed the instrument to Bob and asked him to re-do it ’cause I knew he was going to do something really different.

It’s true, this is the best song we’ve ever recorded. It has different levels of meaning. It shifts gears, it has wonderful solos by Robert, the electric piano is simply a mystical experience.

And the ending is death.


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