Duffy and the doubters


Duffy and the Doubters - Scriptural Supplies

Format: LP
Label: Triple Crown Audio Recordings of Canada TCR 005
Year: 2010
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: rock, new wave
Value of Original Title: $50.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://crowncrowncrown.bandcamp.com/album/scriptural-supplies
Playlist: Haunted Halloween Canadian Style, Rock Room, 2010's, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
Metal Detector
No Wild Horses
Bedside Bible Song
Sorry Mom My Brain is Dumb

Side 2

Track Name
Spider Baby Jesus
Ouija Bored
Planet of Vampires



Duffy and the Doubters - Scriptural Supplies

Duffy and the doubters label 02

Duffy and the Doubters LABEL 02

Duffy and the doubters label 01

Duffy and the Doubters LABEL 01

Duffy and the doubters

Scriptural Supplies


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Ladyhawk singer/guitarist Duffy Driediger has said of this solo album: "Basically it's the exact same thing as Ladyhawk but shittier."

He's not far off. Scriptural Supplies does sound more like Driediger's full-time band than anything else. It isn't just his singing — here, it's veiled in a PS I Love You-like layer of fuzz and feedback — that's very familiar. This is mostly the same kind of gritty, smalltown rock that made "The Dugout" on Ladyhawk's self-titled debut so irresistible.

Aside from a diversion into Black Rebel Motorcycle Club territory on "Bedside Bible Bong," and a flirtation with Guided By Voices pop on "Planet Of Vampires," you can consider this a stopgap Ladyhawk EP (its nine songs clock in at less than 20 minutes).

Only 300 copies of Scriptural Supplies are being released — best get your hands on one while you can.
buy the album here: http://crowncrowncrown.com/


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