Duffy and the Doubters - Scriptural Supplies

Format: LP
Label: Triple Crown Audio Recordings of Canada TCR 005
Year: 2010
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: rock
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: British Columbia, 2010's


Side 1

Track Name
Metal Detector
No Wild Horses
Bedside Bible Song
Sorry Mom My Brain is Dumb

Side 2

Track Name
Spider Baby Jesus
Ouija Bored
Planet of Vampires



Duffy and the Doubters - Scriptural Supplies


Scriptural Supplies


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Ladyhawk singer/guitarist Duffy Driediger has said of this solo album: "Basically it's the exact same thing as Ladyhawk but shittier."

He's not far off. Scriptural Supplies does sound more like Driediger's full-time band than anything else. It isn't just his singing — here, it's veiled in a PS I Love You-like layer of fuzz and feedback — that's very familiar. This is mostly the same kind of gritty, smalltown rock that made "The Dugout" on Ladyhawk's self-titled debut so irresistible.

Aside from a diversion into Black Rebel Motorcycle Club territory on "Bedside Bible Bong," and a flirtation with Guided By Voices pop on "Planet Of Vampires," you can consider this a stopgap Ladyhawk EP (its nine songs clock in at less than 20 minutes).

Only 300 copies of Scriptural Supplies are being released — best get your hands on one while you can.
buy the album here: http://crowncrowncrown.com/


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