Duffy and the doubters squared for mocm

Duffy and the Doubters

Websites:  https://crowncrowncrown.bandcamp.com/album/scriptural-supplies
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia

Yes, Duffy Driediger is in East Van rock stalwart Ladyhawk. And yes, that gives him a touch more credibility when it comes to striking out on his own, but you would have heard about Scriptural Supplies even without the Ladyhawk connection—a record this epic doesn’t fly under the radar for long. With a little help from the Doubters (a loose cast of supporting musicians), Driediger proves that he is indeed master of the bro-rock realm. His bummed-out jams are packed with psychedelic flourishes and the type of ironclad hooks that marketing executives count on to sell cars. Try as you might, you’ll have a hard time staying free and clear of the Duffy and the Doubters bandwagon.

“I really liked the Needles//Pins cassette [First World Problems] that came out. That’s probably my favourite. Its just really good catchy pop-punk.”

The year’s best gig:

“My favourite gig was this show at the planetarium [H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, on June 6] with Transmolecular and BCVCO and my friend Sipreano [aka Kevin Howes] deejaying. It was the trippiest thing. It was totally fucked up.”

With apologies to Ke$ha, who would turn you on if they took it off?

“That dude [Ryan Dyck] from the B-Lines. He’s the singer guy who works at Scratch [Records]. He’s got moxie.”

Michael Buble donated the profits from tonight’s show to you. Where’s the party?

“I really want to go to Tojo’s [113 West Broadway] because I’ve never been. I feel like there’s sushi that’s just as good that isn’t that expensive, but if I don’t have to pay”¦ I would get the omakase, the thing where he just sends food out to you to try.”

What classic album needs a 180-gram-vinyl rerelease?

“Not that it’s hard to find in good condition, but I think they should do a deluxe reissue of the first Fun Boy Three record [Fun Boy Three] because it rules! I love Terry Hall.”

Your Lotto Max numbers came up. Where are you opening a venue?

“Uh, Starbucks—the Starbucks at Main & 12th [2801 Main Street]. That means one less Starbucks, man. There are, like, three Starbucks from, like, eight blocks of my house.”
-Jenny Charlesworth, Sept 22, 2010, thestraight.com



Duffy and the doubters squared for mocm

Duffy and the Doubters


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