Martin, Selina - Disaster Fantasies

Format: CD
Label: private
Year: 2010
Origin: Ottawa, Ontario
Genre: folk, pop
Value of Original Title: 
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, Pop, 2010's


Track Name
Public Safety Management
Always on My Mind
No Form
Rape During Wartime
Breathe In
The Hottest Day
The Spirit of Radio
News of Her Death
I Know Dullness
Throw Me In The Water



Disaster Fantasies


No Video


While I do think it’s somewhat shitty to say my eyes were ‘opened’ to Disaster Fantasies because of a cover version – it’s the truth. I had ripped this album onto my computer, and placed the files into a folder I keep on my computer filled with ‘review’ music (a literal wasteland of music that comes through my mailbox looking for some kind of verbiage to be put against it). Selina’s cover of ‘The Spirit Of Radio’ came up on said play-list, and the hair on the back of my neck immediately shot up.

Suffice to say – the Rush cover is killer good being quite minimalist, heartfelt, and beautifully adapted. And it’s a mere portal into a wonderful twelve song album of quality material from what will surely go down as one of this years must-hear indie releases. Martin keeps some pretty choice company… having contributed to Rheostatics, Bob Wiseman, Justin Rutledge and N.Q. Arbuckle material in the past.

Don’t be duped by Selina’s lovely voice – much of her material is quite dark, and the mixture of her sugary vocals over top of some of the darker material on Disaster Fantasies makes for some of the more magical moments on the album.

‘I Know Dullness’, ‘Rape During Wartime’ and ‘Public Safety Management’ are must-hear songs on Disaster Fantasies. Lyrically sharp, and lovingly sung, they beg to be played again immediately after you first sample them.

Disaster Fantasies carries no label markings whatsoever, and appears to be completely done on the indie. Make sure you sniff this one out – it’s sure to appeal to fans of the Rheostatics and Aimee Mann.
-Mike Bax, Lithium Magazine


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