Martin, Selina

Websites:  http://www.selinamartin.com/
Origin: Ottawa, Ontario

Selina Martin is a Toronto-based art pop siren with an unforgettable voice, a striking ear for melody, and a gigantic stage presence. On top of it all, she’s an incredibly high calibre songwriter. Her music is as original as it is catchy, and as playful as it is powerful. Her subject matter is sometimes dark, but there’s a deftness & dexterity in her approach that gives one the distinct feeling that she’s never taking herself too seriously, though she definitely takes music seriously; Martin has mastered the art of combining the deeply personal with the brightly accessible.

Known also as a skilled composer/arranger/producer and multi-instru­mentalist, Selina has performed on and contributed to numerous recordings by her friends & peers (Rheostatics, Veda Hille, Bob Wiseman, Justin Rutledge, N.Q. Arbuckle...). Recent works of note include co-producing and arranging Martin Tielli’s The Ghost Of Danny Gross, Parts 1 & 2. Throw into the bargain that she’s a gifted actor (Martin used to be one of the 4 main members of Bald Ego Theatre, a highly acclaimed innovative & impressionistic theatre company) and you’ve got one very intriguing package.

Selina has toured across Canada, the US and Europe. Her third full length and highly acclaimed recording, Disaster Fantasies, was skillfully produced by indie wunderkind Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre, Ohbijou, The Coast), and is her most focused album to date. It’s a fierce collection of genre-defying tunes, including “a beautiful rendition” (Geddy Lee) of The Spirit of Radio (Rush), and was released on CD and vinyl across Canada on June 29, 2010.


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Martin, Selina


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