Doug moore a leaf fan's dream


Moore, Doug - A Leaf Fan's Dream

Format: 45
Label: private T-50094
Year: 1961
Origin: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Genre: Sports - hockey
Keyword:  Stanley Cup, NHL, Toronto Maple Leafs
Value of Original Title: $250.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Hockey Room


Track Name
A Leaf Fan's Dream



Moore, Doug - A Leaf's Fan Dream

Doug moore a leaf fan's dream

A Leaf Fan's Dream


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Doug Moore composed and recorded the one-sided single “A Leaf Fan's Dream” and donated the entire proceeds to the Ontario Society for Crippled Children.

"Doug Moore was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario in 1931. He was gifted with musical talent and was a natural athlete. As a youngster, he was an exceptional goaltender and was eventually drafted to the Chicago Blackhawks. He also excelled at his studies and chose an engineering career over that of a professional hockey player.

In 1957, he accepted a position with Maple Leaf Gardens working for Harold Ballard, where he eventually earned the title of Chief Engineer in 1974.

Expansion of the National Hockey League in the 1970’s extended the regular season of the Toronto Maple Leafs into late spring. Faced with the challenge of a longer hockey schedule, an antiquated refrigeration plant and adverse conditions, Doug quickly realized that maintaining a high-quality ice surface would require changes in the way an ice surface was made. Thus began Doug’s journey into ice making history.

In the early years, Doug spent many hours at community arenas throughout Ontario assisting operators in perfecting their ice surface. He was heavily involved in working behind the scenes, where hard work is often unrecognized and overlooked.

Today, these revolutionary ice making concepts and theories have been implemented in a wide range of community and professional facilities and are considered standard practice throughout the industry. He supplied the ice for the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, Alberta.

The theories, practices and ice making concepts developed by Doug Moore are now accepted as standard practice by the industry today."


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