Vimy ridge

Compilation - Vimy Ridge

Label: Trip Jazz T-54626
Year: 1965
Origin: Canada
Genre: Spoken Word Military
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Release Type: Album Various Artists
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Playlist: Sounds of World War 1


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Vimy ridge back

Vimy Ridge back

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Vimy inside jacket 01

Vimy ridge

Vimy Ridge


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Preliminary Bombardment- an awesome artillery barrage pounded enemy oppositions for two weeks before the attach on vimy ridge, with a concentration of one heavy gun for every 20 yards of front, one field gun for every 10 yeards of front, and an expenditure of more than a million rounds of ammunition // New Role for Machine Guns- the use of heavy machine guns was revolutionized at vimy ridge. before the attach, they effectively harassed the enemy's supply lines in the manner of an artillery barrage. during the advance, they provied withering covering fire /// Over the Top!- tense waiting broken by the word of command, the canadians launch their great offensive on vimy ridge. months of preparation preceded the big push. the ridge was tunnelled extensively to facilitate the movement of men and supplies. troops rehearsed the attach over tapes representing the german trenches // The Advance- the canadians move through the enemy's shattered barbed-wire defences. ahead of them, a superbly mounted and timed artillery barrage lifts forward as they advance

ARTIST: Produced by CBC: AE Powley, Frank Lalor, Colonel GWL Nicholson, J Frank WIllis. Participants: Tommy Adams, TV Anderson, Vic Armstrong, FB Bagshaw, Stanley Baker, RG Barclay, Royden Barbour, Arthur Bonner, Stan. R. Bowe, Archie Brown, Bob Brown, Raymond Brutinel, H Campbell, Dr. TG Caunt, HRN Clyne, C COllupy, HS Cooper, R Crowe, HE Crowell, NG Dean, G Dorman, John Dow, Arther Farmer, LR Fennel, R Ferrie, Eric B Finley, Galbraith AA, TOm Goodall, AB Goodmurphy, George Hancox, J Hargreaves, Allen W Hart, TH Hewitt, DG Higgins, H HInes, WJ Home, AW Jack, WL Jenkins, Dr. G Kilpatrick, RJ Leach, JH Lee, DM Marshall, CK McDonald, F McGregor, HC Mckendrick, AGL McNaughton, WN Nickle, Victor W Odlum, DM Ormund, ME Parsons, LF Pearce, GR Pearkes, AG Pearson, Elmore Philpott, Jack Pinson, MA Pope, RS Robertson, Alex Ross, ES Russenholt, G Scott, Stewart Scott, Harry Secord, Gus Sivertz, EH Small, RA Stephens, Charles Stevens, HS Stewart, WS Wilson, FF Worthington, AE Wright, M Young.

ADDITIONAL INFO: On April 9, 1917, Canada's fighting men swept to glorious victory up the shell-torn slopes of Vimy Ridge and established themselves as an army second to none. In this historic recording, veterans of the famous First World War battle give their account of the action. Based on the program The Battle of Vimy Ridge, broadcast January 10, 1965, in the CBC Radio series Flanders' Fields.

In this historic recording, veterans of the famous First World War battle give their account of the action. Based on the program 'The Battle of Vimy Ridge', broadcast January 10, 1965, in the CBC Radio series 'Flanders' Fields'."
Side 1: T-54625; Side 2: T-54626; Side 3: T-54627; Side 4: T-54628.


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