Ultimate Image - It's a Hard Life b/w Rains of Autumn

Format: 45
Label: Trend T-1004
Year: 1969
Origin: Cornwall, Ontario
Genre: rock, psych, garage
Value of Original Title: $300.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Rarest Canadian Music, 1960's, The Canadian Garage, Canadian Psych, Ontario, Trend Records


Side 1

Track Name
It's a Hard Life

Side 2

Track Name
Rains of Autumn



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Ultimate Image - It's a Hard Life b/w Rains of Autumn


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It's a Hard Life b/w Rains of Autumn


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Penned by Reg Portieous, "It's a Hard Life" is a superb garage-psych ditty, recounting a popular theme, unrequited love! Dark & fuzzed out, it has but one verse, to wit: "Each time I see you I want to die...So baby I need your lovin'...Thats all I want from you".

"Rains of Autumn" is equally moody. Unfortunately this far superior composition becomes impossible to decipher through Trend's uniquely engineered "wall of toilet paper sound".

The single was released during the summer. Local station CJSS agreed to support it, but it was rarely played. Trend even gave them 20 copies for promotional give-aways, but when fans requested "It's a Hard Life", they always claimed they didn't have a copy. Apparently the top disc jockey (Don Beefer) was pals with The Image's rivals, "The Oracle of Zodiac". It wasn't until Dave Mickey, a young replacement from Toronto arrived, that the record started getting some airplay. Unfortunately, the internship was brief.

-by Ivan Amirault & Alex Taylor

The piece about The Ultimate Image on the MOCM site seems to suggest that the group got no radio support at all, but here's how things eventually worked out. I already knew Dave Mickie (birth name Dave Marsden) from CKEY in Toronto. He had always been a big supporter of Canadian talent. So it's no surprise to me that he gave The Image some airplay when he went to CJSS, in Cornwall, their home town. I had also previously met Don Biefer in Cornwall, on a radio promotion trip. When he moved to CKFH in Toronto, he gave me a call and said, "I'm living in Rexdale now and don't know a soul here. Why don't you come over? We can have a few beers and talk about the music business". I brought along a copy of "Its A Hard Life", which we listened to about 25 times, because he hadn't unpacked his own records yet. As a result, he grew to love the record an said he would "give it a few spins". We stayed in touch until 1971, when I moved to Vancouver. As things turned out, "It's A Hard Life" got some airplay in both Cornwall and Toronto. I'm not taking credit for that, but it's funny how things go.

We were house band for a Club Called The Book Teen Nite Club in Conwall. When we were not playing out of town we were at the Club. We played through out Eastern Ontario Playing mostly Town Arenas Where large Dances were held & battle of the bands Were we all shared the stage. We also played for school dances which were huge in those days. I believe in the time we were together we played every weekend And when not playing we always got together at the Club to learn new material Two bands that came to mind we shared the Stage with were The Heart & The Stampeders at The Book.

Bob Lemire: drums
Reg Portieous: lead vocals, guitars
Rick Rouleau: rhythm guitars

Produced by Merv Buchanan


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