Travellers this land front


Travellers - This Land, the Travellers Centennial Album

Format: LP
Label: Arc AS 250
Year: 1967
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: folk
Keyword:  1967 centennial
Value of Original Title: $10.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Canadiana, Centennial, 1960's, Folk


Side 1

Track Name
This Land is Your Land
Man and His World
Canada - U.S.A.
C'est l'aviron
What Did You Learn in School
100 Years

Side 2

Track Name
Early Morning Rain
Hard Times
Where Have the Buffalo Gone
Black Flies of Ontario
Lonesome Scenes of Winter
Shake The Dust



The Travellers - This Land, the Travellers Centennial Album

Travellers this land front

This Land, the Travellers Centennial Album


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The Travellers were formed by friends who met at a Jewish socialist summer camp and who were united by their love of music and belief in social reform. They were mentored and encouraged by folk legend Pete Seeger. The Travellers’ songs cemented cultural unity across a young, sprawling country.

The Travellers defined the spirit of our country long before Canadian travellers wore flags sewn proudly on their backpacks. Since their immense popularity in the 1960s, they've remained an influence on many Canadian musicians.

Simone Johnston: vocals
Joe Lawrence: bass guitar
Jerry Gray: lead vocals, banjo
Ray Woodley: 12 string guitar

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