Super Friendz - Slide Show

Format: CD
Label: Murderecords MURSD 025
Year: 1996
Origin: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Genre: rock, pop
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Nova Scotia, 1990's, Pop, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Track Name
Up and Running
No Good Reason
Two Songs
Prattle On
Everything Writes Itself
Fooled At First
Forever a Day
Absurd Without It
Slow Motion Blues
Citizens Banned
Star In One
Evening Sun
The World's Most Embarassing Moment



Super Friendz - Slide Show


Slide Show


No Video


released 25 February 1997

Charles Austin: bass, vocals, guitar
Matt Murphy: guitar, vocals
Drew Yamada: guitar, vocals, bass
Lonnie James: drums and percussion

Recorded in late May and early June, 1996 at Chemical Sound in Toronto, Ontario

Produced by Eric Masunaga and The Super Friendz
Daryl Smith recorded the band for a couple days while Eric was out of town
Jim Maciukenas played the saw on "Citizens Banned"
Mastered by Peter J. Moore at the E Room
Layout by Murphy Design
Photography by Jannie McInnes
Photos of projections by Catherine Stockhausen

Thanks to: Colin MacKenzie, Chip Sutherland, Clive McNutt, Andrew Scott, Fiona Highet, Jenn Adcock, Tina Cooper, Kelly Dodge, Family Yamada, Gordy Coleman, Jannie McInnes, Anne-Marie Smith, Bev McKee, Mitchell Wiebe, Adam H, Chris Mueller, Andrew Glencross, JALE, Mike & Judy Weil, Dave Bookman, Tyson, Fayze, Rob Lightfoot, The Local Rabbits, Zumpano, The Inbreds, Scott Gubbles, Dave Marsh, Brenndan McGuire, Chris Murphy (TC), Jay Ferguson, Patrick Pentland, Marc Brown, Catherine Stockhausen, Tim Brennan, Daryl Smith, Eric Masunaga, Alyson MacLeod, Greg Tymoshenko, The Gunnings, Mark Watts & FACTOR, Michal Friedman, and the murderecords volunteers: Vincent, Hope, and Stephanie. Thanks to our parents.

buy the album here: http://thesuperfriendz.bandcamp.com/album/slide-show


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