45 subhumans firing squad front


Subhumans - Firing Squad b/w No Productivity

Format: 7"
Label: Quintessence QS 105
Year: 1980
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: punk
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Singles
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Side 1

Track Name
Firing Squad

Side 2

Track Name
No Productivity



Subhumans-Wimpy-Roy (Brian Goble), Feb 14, 1981; courtey Rose Kapp

45 subhumans firing squad back

45-Subhumans-Firing Squad BACK

45 subhumans firing squad vinyl 01

45-Subhumans-Firing Squad VINYL 01

45 sughumans firing squad vinyl 02

45-Sughumans-Firing Squad VINYL 02

45 subhumans firing squad front

Firing Squad b/w No Productivity



First version included the uncensored pink sleeve with a picture of people being litteraly shot by a firing squad (and children in a classroom on the other side!). Second version had a black and white sleeve featuring a picture of the band on the front and the lyrics to the song on the back. In the dead wax, you can read : "LMS.SUBHUMANS.A", "3705", "TLC-T", "GC" and "LMS.SUBHUMANS.B".

These are two of the greatest punk songs of all time! No Productivity was covered by the equally legendary D.O.A. (with the Subhumans' singer Wimpy Roy now in the band!) on the " Terminal City Ricochet " soundtrack.

In 1981, Hannah left the band and gradually became involved with a small group of underground activists calling themselves Direct Action. In the alternative media they were referred to as the Vancouver 5, but in the mainstream press they were dubbed the Squamish 5. The group, composed of ecologists and feminists, were responsible for a number of actions, including the 14 October 1982 bombing of the Litton Industries plant in Ontario which made guidance systems for cruise missiles. The Litton bombing hurt several plant workers and three police officers were also injured. While Gerry was not part of the Litton bombing, he supported it, and did take part in other actions, as well as planning to rob a Brinks truck to fund future actions. He was arrested on 20 January 1983, along with the four other members of Direct Action. Many benefits were arranged for the group by people such as Jello Biafra and Joey Shithead of D.O.A. to pay lawyers fees but, in the end, Hannah pled guilty to avoid years in prison. He received a 10 year sentence and was released after serving 5 years.[2][1] During his time in prison, he began writing a column for the fanzine Maximum RocknRoll which helped maintain his connection to the punk scene. A number of years after his release he was the subject of a documentary film made by B.C. filmmaker Glen Sanford, called Useless.

On this release, the Subhumans were:
Wimpy Roy (aka Brian "Sunny Boy Roy" Goble) vocals
Gerry Useless (aka Gerry Hannah): bass
Koichi Imagawa (aka Jim Imagawa): drums
Mike Graham (aka Mike Normal): guitar

I had a firing squad dream, I saw it all clearly
I heard the headless people scream, I saw it all clearly
I saw the holy man
Blood on his holy hands
I saw the justice of god

Police and priests and prophets all in one
The new order soldiers taking aim on holy orders
People bowing at the call
Rebels standing at the wall
It’s called the justice of god

I saw their justice
I saw the word of god
I saw their mercy
It was the firing squad

Innocent and guilty behind bars, locked up together
Madness and confusion of this kind could last forever
The minister of execution
Calls for a retribution
Calls for the justice of god

Crowds of disciples running wild, under control
While desperate people hide inside, wait to explode
Another week, another year, who knows who’ll feel the fear
Who’ll feel the justice of god

I saw their justice
I saw the word of god
I saw their mercy
It was the firing squad

I saw their justice
I saw the word of god
I saw their mercy
It was the firing squad

It was the firing squad
It was the firing squad
It was the firing squad
It was the firing squad


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