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Soundtrack, Television, Musical, Theatre - Aprés Ski

Format: LP
Label: Trans Canada TSF 1434
Year: 1971
Origin: Québec
Genre: theatre, Soundtrack, Musical, Television
Keyword:  sports Other - skiing
Value of Original Title: $200.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Quebec, 1970's, Canadian as Funk & Northern Soul, Soundtracks and Musicals


Side 1

Track Name
Apres Ski (Celine Lomez)
Comme Elles Sont Belles (Marc Hamilton)
D'ors Avec Moi (Mariette Levesque)
Les Amants (Jacques Crevier)
La Course Endiablee (Jacques Crevier)

Side 2

Track Name
Le Doux Renard
Le Grand Marc
L’aime de Feu
Les Yeux Brulants (Jacques Crevier)


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Soundtrack, Television, Musical, Theatre - Apres Ski

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Soundtrack, Television, Musical, Theatre - Apres Ski

Apre%cc%80s ski %28avant%29

Aprés Ski


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holy grail Canadian jazz-funk... a soundtrack to the Québecois sexploitation film Apres Ski. Lo, behold there are two insanely good jazz funk instrumentals on this lp... who woulda' thought the music could sound as good as the cover looks? To the best of my knowledge no tracks have ever been compiled from this lp. This soundtrack features songs from Celine Lomez, Marc Hamilton, Mariette Levesque and Jacques Crevier. The film featured : Daniel Pilon, Mariette Levesque, Celine Lomez, Robert Arcand, Pierre Labelle, Rene Angelil, Janine Sutto, Angele Coutu and Raymond Levesque. Gatefold OST jazz funk groove original ski holy grail with two killer tracks "LE DOUX RENARD & LE GRAND MARC" by JACQUES CREVIER AND HIS ORCHESTRE

Daniel Pilon, Mariette Lévesque, Céline Lomez, Robert Arcand, Robert Demontigny, Jacques Desrosiers, Pierre Labelle, René Angelil, Janine Sutto, Angèle Coutu, Raymond Lévesque, Pierre Ménard, Charlene Calender, Roger Michael, Tamora, Francine Grimaldi, Carmen Champagne, Louise Tremblay, Diane Gauthier, Ghislaine Desormiers, Roger Dauphin, Rachel Arquail, Nicole Chartrand, Pierre Savard, Lucien Lecompte, Gérard Siegman, Benoit Lépine


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